Walt as Saturn in "Breaking Bad"

Breaking Bad is an outstanding crime drama that aired for five seasons (2008 to 2013).  It’s one of my favorite TV shows, ever! 


The story starts with our protagonist, Walt, receiving a cancer diagnosis. Walt has a teenaged son, and his wife is pregnant with an unplanned second child. Although a brilliant chemist, Walt has settled for teaching at the local high school and works a second job at a car wash to make ends meet. Believing his disease will kill him—and desperate to provide for his family after his death—he makes some choices that set him down a bad path.

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The Lonely Hero

Recently I finished watching the tenth and final season of the British spy series MI5 (known in the UK as Spooks).  It’s among my favorite TV series, ever.  SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen Season 10 yet and plan to, read no further!


One of the sub-themes in Season 10 was the love between our hero--Harry Pearce, Head of Section D--and Ruth Evershed, intelligence analyst extraordinaire.  Would they ever sort things out and be together?  Alas, no.  

Just as they had finally declared their mutual love and were leaving the spy life behind, Ruth was fatally stabbed.  Brutal!

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Downton Abbey

Like millions of others around the world, I am an enthusiastic fan of the award-winning BBC period drama Downton Abbey.  (And, like everyone else, I’m very upset with the producers right now for killing off you-know-who!  And we all saw it coming when he was riding in that car, didn’t we!)


If you’ve read this blog before you know I enjoy analyzing characters in astrological terms, imagining which planets best capture their essence.   I make a habit of doing this with my favorite programs, movies, and songs.  If blog stats are to be believed, some of my most-read pieces are the ones where I’ve done this kind of analysis.  So let’s give Downton a go, shall we?  It’s good learning—especially if you’re new to astrology—and it’s great fun.

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Fixed star themes in 'Breaking Bad'

'Breaking Bad' just completed its fifth and final season on AMC September 29. This story of one man’s transformation from ordinary guy to uber-villain, one bad choice at a time, made for superb television. It’s a show that fans will be discussing for years to come!



As a teaching astrologer I enjoy thinking about the astrological themes in film and TV. What came most to mind as I watched Season Five were the myths underlying the fixed stars in astrology, especially the story of Orion and Scorpio. Here are some thoughts about the way ‘Breaking Bad’ picks up on the major themes of these two constellations.

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