Whitney Houston, Part 4

Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012.  According to the official report from the Los Angeles coroner's office, her death was due to “drowning and effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use” (washingtonpost.com, 3/22/12).


Houston's chart progressed to January 1, 2012 shows the Moon beginning the year at 19 Capricorn, exactly square natal Jupiter (Lord Asc).  Knowing that Moon travels about 12 degrees during a year of progression, we see that it is heading out of detriment. Major shifts in dignity are one thing to look for in death-related charts.  Progressions are not precise in their timing, so we are not looking at when this shift happens, just that it will happen.

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Whitney Houston, Part 3

This is part three of a natal study of the late singer Whitney Houston.  Here we take a look at the progressions and returns for her career breakthrough and marriage.  Houston’s birth chart is the first in the gallery below (8 Pisces Asc).


The first major turning point in Houston’s career was in 1982, when producer Clive Davis discovered her talent. What was going on in her progressions at that time?

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Whitney Houston, Part 2

Let's continue the look at Whitney Houston's natal chart that we started in the part one, "A glorious voice."


An assessment reveals that Houston's temperament was primarily melancholic.  This melancholy is largely due to the Moon and Mercury (Lord of the Geniture).  The Moon is in waning trine to the Sun, therefore melancholic by phase.  Mercury is occidental, therefore dry, and cold by placement in earth-sign Virgo. The Moon and Mercury, then, are in sync, which speaks to soundness of mind ('wit').  The Moon is in fast fire Aries, so Houston pursues her melancholic ends—'having and holding'—in an active way.

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Whitney Houston, Part 1 - A glorious voice

Sometimes charts show us very simple and profound things right away upon initial study.  I think we've got one such chart here. It’s the natal chart of the late Whitney Houston.   She was born Aug 9 1963, at 8:55 pm in Newark, NJ (8 Pisces Asc; chart below).


What was Whitney Houston best known for?  Silly question, I know.  Yes, her voice!  Surely hers was one of the great singing voices to have graced the Earth.

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