Steve Jobs - Part 2

Back in November I began a natal study of Steve Jobs, the late innovator and CEO of Apple Inc.  In the initial post I discussed some of the salient features of his natal chart.  You can find that post here


The next step was to examine the directed charts for key events in his life.  I looked first at the years 1976 (the founding of Apple with Steve Wozniak) and 1984 (release of the Macintosh).  But the testimonies in the returns, especially, seemed sparse.

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Steve Jobs - Part 1

Riveting!  That's the word I have to describe the new Steve Jobs movie by Aaron Sorkin, released October 9.  The film accomplishes this without any action or special effects--just excellent dialogue, superbly delivered by a fine cast of actors.  It’s a compelling portrait, depicting the late innovator as incredibly driven and visionary--but not so skilled with people.

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