Margaret Thatcher - Resignation

In this last post of the Margaret Thatcher natal study we’ll identify the astrological testimonies for her resignation from the post of Prime Minister on November 22, 1990.  I've also included some photos of Mrs. Thatcher over the years from around the web.

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Margaret Thatcher - Assassination Attempt

In this series we’re looking at progressed and return charts for major events in the life of the late Margaret Thatcher.  The aim is to practice identifying how the astrology speaks to us of what is happening at these important times.   With practice, we develop fluency in this astrological language.  In today's post we'll examine the 1984 attempt on Mrs. Thatcher's life that killed five people and wounded 32 others.

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Margaret Thatcher - Career

On Oct 8, 1959, Margaret Thatcher was elected to Parliament.  Let's take a look at her charts for this period as well as 1979, the year she became Prime Minister.  Her natal chart is the first in the image gallery below.


Progression to Jan 1, 1959:  

 - Asc 08.27 Sagittarius

- MC 09.14 Libra

- Sun 22.14 Scorpio

- Moon 13.44 Scorpio

- Fortuna 29.27 Scorpio

- Part of Spirit 17.23 Sagittarius.

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Margaret Thatcher - Childbirth

We continue our study of Margaret Thatcher with a look at the progressed and return charts for her year of childbirth.  Mrs. Thatcher's natal chart is the first in the gallery at the bottom of this post (click on the charts to view).



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Margaret Thatcher - Marriage

In this natal study we will look at major events in the life of Margaret Thatcher to see how the astrology shows us what is happening.  We'll start with her marriage in late 1951 and continue with the birth of her twins in 1953, election to Parliament in 1959, becoming Prime Minister in 1979, and her resignation in 1990.

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Margaret Thatcher - Final Passage

My memories of Margaret Thatcher are tied up with those I have of US President Ronald Reagan--which are not nice.  Reagan's policies inspired me to activism in my early adulthood.  Many of us considered him the enemy, and Mrs. Thatcher was his close ally.


Recently I have begun to study John Frawley’s Fixed Star CDs.  The second track on Disc One is a natal study of Mrs. Thatcher (Chart 1, below).  It’s a fascinating analysis.  I won't repeat it here, but I will mention one point that I found especially striking.  Lord 9, the beliefs we profess to live by, and Lord 3, the way we actually live our lives, are in terrible mutual reception in Mrs. Thatcher's chart. 

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