David Bowie & Iman, Part 2: The Marriage

In the previous post we looked at Mr Bowie’s directed charts for 1990, the year he met and fell in love with Somali supermodel Iman Abdulmajid.  In today’s post we will look at the testimonies in his directed charts for their marriage in 1992.  They celebrated twice that year, first on April 24, then on June 6 to solemnize the marriage.


Remember that when we look for evidence of love and marriage in an individual's directed charts we can expect, among many possibilities, some involvement of Lord 1 and Lord 7, along with any of the major male/female pairings.  These include Sun/Venus and Sun/Moon, along with their corresponding Arabic Parts: Fortuna ('super-Moon'), Spirit (aka Abundance, 'super-Sun'), and Love ('super-Venus').  Love’s counterpart, Necessity ('super-Mercury'), may show up as well.

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David Bowie & Iman

Reading about the late David Bowie this past week, I was struck by the story of his romance with supermodel Iman Abdulmajid.  Reportedly he fell in love with her immediately, knowing right away that he wanted her to be his wife.   I wondered: how would this be shown in his directed charts?  Fortunately we have his birth chart, so let’s take a look!

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