More on Trump - with a look ahead

For those of us opposed to Trump the ongoing question has been, ‘When will we be rid of him?!’  With that in mind, I’ve examined Trump’s directed charts for 2018, the year of our mid-term elections.  I've also looked at 2016 and the current year to discover how the charts show his elevation to the presidency and the events of his first year in office (to date).


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A first look at Trump's natal chart

Last month’s horary chart (“Will Donald Trump be impeached?”--here) has inspired a look at Trump’s natal chart to see what stands out at first view.  His chart appears in the gallery below.


If you follow my writing you know that I despise Mr. Trump; I won’t pretend that I don’t.  It seems fair to say he’s a controversial figure at best, whether you love the guy or hate him.  This is my first take at understanding how Trump’s natal chart reflects the man, especially in his role as President of the United States.

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