Two sports horaries on the Packers

Just before the New Year I was asked the following sports forecast question by a loyal Green Bay Packers fan: “Will the Packers make it to the Super Bowl?”  Dec 28, 2012, 2:42 p.m. CST Wauwatosa, WI; 14 Gemini Asc (chart below).


In sports forecast charts the key to judgment is the condition of the team's significator.  The querent strongly identifies with his team, so the Packers are Lord 1, Mercury, ruler of Gemini on the first house cusp.  In the current sign, Sagittarius (= this season), Mercury is in detriment and under the sunbeams. We don't go into the next sign (= next season).  This makes judgment simple: the answer is No. 

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"Will the Packers go to the Super Bowl?"

The Super Bowl is coming up Sunday after next.  I had hoped to be asking sports horary questions on how the Packers would fare in each playoff game.  But, no such luck!


A friend of mine had an excellent chance for a ticket to the Super Bowl, had the Packers qualified.  Back in early January this friend asked, “Will the Packers go to the Super Bowl?” (Jan 3, 2012, 8:17 a.m., Milwaukee, WI, 26 Capricorn Asc; chart below).

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Heartbreak for the Badgers

Badger fans have begun a slow convalescence from last night’s disappointing loss to Duke in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final.  Because of my emotional investment as a fan, I didn’t study the charts until today.  Now that I have, I’d like to share them with you.  There are some powerful testimonies here!


The first chart is for tip-off, which was 9:18 p.m. EDT in Indianapolis, Indiana:

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Two charts, one great win!

I have two charts to share, both from last night’s exciting basketball semifinal between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA tournament.   The first is a contest horary and the second an event chart.  This was a high-stakes game, the winner advancing to the NCAA men’s basketball final tomorrow night.  Kentucky was undefeated going into the game and heavily favored.

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And it's another win for the Badgers!

It's March Madness, people!!!  And the Wisconsin Badgers just beat the Arizona Wildcats in an Elite Eight re-match of last year, earning a trip to the Final Four in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament for the second year in a row!!!


As an alumna of Wisconsin, the Badgers are my team.  This morning I asked, "Will we win??" It looked like a pretty clear-cut win for the Badgers to me, but I was nervous enough about the game that I decided not to post a prediction.  Now that the outcome is known and I can breathe again, let's take a look at the chart.

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Badgers' loss to Kentucky

On the evening of Saturday, March 29 my university alma mater sports team, the Wisconsin Badgers, won a spectacular game in the final seconds against Arizona to advance to the NCAA Final Four in men’s basketball. The game was a nail-biter, the win an absolute thrill.  Wisconsin hadn’t been to the Final Four since 2000!  This was a very big deal and we Badger fans—along with the entire state of Wisconsin—really hoped the team would reach the championship game with a win against perennial powerhouse Kentucky last night.

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