Bring Kitty home?

A friend asked if it was wise to bring a new kitten into her home.  The family had two pets already, but her child was enamored of this kitty and had asked if it could join the family.  At that time the kitten was residing with many other feline relatives on a farm. 

This is a great horary to share because it’s a simple one to judge, giving us a clear and definitive answer.

Bring Kitty home?  Aug 7, 2015, 8:31 p.m. Milwaukee, WI; 26.52 Aquarius Asc.

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The Cat's Return

One of my cats, Bryce, fell out of a window in my apartment on Monday while I was 2,000 miles away on vacation.  I found out only because my kind neighbor witnessed the event and called my landlord, who then called me.  Apparently the screen was loose and fell out, allowing him to land safely; but then he went missing.

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