"How long will the virus remain a threat?"

My concern about the coronavirus has been ongoing, but for whatever reason this question emerged on the morning of 6 Sept 2021 (8:39 a.m. CDT in West Allis, WI). 

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Breaking news in Madison

At 6:10 p.m. this evening the Wisconsin Senate (sans Democrats) found a way to pass the budget bill that will end collective bargaining rights for public employee unions in the state.  This is the first substantive action the government has taken since the minority Democratic senators left the state on Feb 17.


Almost two weeks ago I asked a horary question, "Will the Budget Bill Pass?"

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Did he, or didn't he?

On February 23, 2012, Ryan Braun became the first major league baseball player to be exonerated from a drug doping charge since the drug-testing program began in 2006. Ryan plays for the Brewers—my home team—and was League MVP last year.  Along with everyone else, I found myself wondering, “Did he, or didn't he?"


So I asked the question.  The data is Feb 28, 2012, 1:46 p.m. CST in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 25 Cancer Rising (chart below).

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"When will hubby come home?"

Horary continues to amaze me with its accurate reflection of reality.


In this horary, the querent was upset that her husband had not come home after a night out with coworkers.  When the agreed-upon arrival time came and went, she called him on his cell but got his voicemail—several times.  This was unusual; he always had his cell on and with him.  In fact, it was so unlike him to be late or irresponsible that querent had worked herself into a panic. Feeding the panic was their child's anxiety and disappointment that daddy had not come home to tuck him in.

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Union vote

A few weeks ago I participated in my first-ever union meeting.  I’m a member by virtue of my position with the County government.  Since it’s a closed shop, dues are taken out of my pay check regardless, so I signed up as a union member.  In all the years of in the union I have never involved myself in its affairs—until this vote.


The vote involved how work hours are scheduled in a particular unit of a county-run hospital. The unit is a mixed group of social workers and nurses who perform essentially the same jobs but are in different unions.  The vote involved just the social workers’ union.  The sides can be described as ‘For’ a formalized agreement about how to handle scheduling and ‘Against’ that agreement.  

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