Where's the cash?

I had put away a small amount of money in preparation for a trip out of town. When the time came to depart, however, I couldn’t remember where I’d put it. I looked in all the usual places with no luck. So, the question arose: Where's the cash? June 28, 2021 at 9:45 pm CDT in Milwaukee.

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"Where's my tea?"

Last Wednesday I received a message that the tea I’d ordered had been delivered. When I got home, however, there was no package waiting for me.  Hmm.  I checked the online tracking system and yes, the site said that my tea had been delivered at 11:31 a.m.  I thought, “Why would the postal service say it was delivered if it wasn’t?  Maybe it got delivered to one of the other buildings?” Etc.  And so I asked, “Where’s my tea?” Sept 27, 2017, 5:01 p.m. CDT in Milwaukee, WI; 23 Aquarius Asc.

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Where are Bernie's glasses?

Upon arriving home the other night I found my Funko Pop Bernie figurine lying on the floor.  He usually sits on the bookshelf with the cookbooks.  This, no doubt, was the work of my cat Bryce; he loves to knock things off of tables and shelves.  I picked up little Bernie and noticed that his glasses were missing.  

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"Will my van be returned or found?"

A client came for consultation a week after his van was stolen.  It was an old van, not worth much by itself, but inside it were valuable tools and materials.  The querent wondered if a neighbor might have taken it; he did similar work, and the two didn't get along. “Will my van be returned or found?  Will the contents be returned with it, if found?  Was the neighbor or his friend involved, or will the thief be discovered?”  (12 Leo Asc; see chart below).

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Where are my sunglasses?

I’ve often had trouble with lost object horaries; they can be tricky little devils. Here’s one, though, that was successful.


“Where are my sunglasses?” Aug 28, 2011, 10:26 a.m. CDT Milwaukee, WI (43N02, 87W54); 23 Libra Asc.


If you have The Horary Textbook, you may wish to review “Lost, Stolen and Strayed” from Chapter 16, especially pages 146-151. If you already know horary, try judging the chart first before reading further.

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Notebook, Lost and Found!

Here's a lost object horary that was beautifully simple and led to recovery right away--making for a happy client and a happy astrologer! “Where's the notebook?" January 27, 2014, 6:15 PM CST, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 23.46 Leo Asc.


The querent is a friend who had recently recovered a much-loved textbook from her graduate school days. It’s not the kind of book you write in, so while studying it she had taken notes. With the book back, now she needed to find the notes that went with it.

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Where's my phone?

Here’s a great chart:  A lost object horary that is beautifully simple and worked perfectly to locate my missing phone in record time.  It's a fine example of how easy and efficient horary can be!

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Missing Purse, Take Two!

Since I last posted on the missing purse, another of my dear colleagues, Fotini, has written me with a different take on the question.  I find her judgment persuasive, so I am sharing it here to stimulate further thought and learning on the subject.  The post-mortem continues with Missing Purse, Take Two!

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Will sister's purse turn up?

Here's a missing-object horary, fresh off the press today!  "Will my sister's purse turn up?"  It did, about an hour after I asked the question and contrary to my doubts.  Reviewing horaries after the fact is a good way to learn how charts communicate their answers to us.

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