Job changes

Life has gotten in the way of my blogging this past year.


I have had two deaths in my family, bringing great emotional upheaval and requiring a lot of time away from home. Secondary to this increased stress, I developed a condition requiring medication for the first time in my life. I also went from part-time to full-time work in my often challenging job as a crisis worker at a psychiatric hospital. I have had my hands full.

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When will the .5 job come through?

Horary astrology is renowned for its ability to predict with accuracy.  My teacher, John Frawley, gained fame in part by accurately predicting the outcomes of football games on British TV.  Horary is the only branch of astrology that is verifiable in this way.  The final exercise in my horary apprenticeship was to make a prediction, get it right, and verify it objectively.


Below is a question I asked myself recently.  Now, keep in mind that it is not a good idea for an astrologer to judge her own horary questions.  Reason: it is hard to be truly objective about yourself, even when you try.

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