The Sun's Joy

The Sun’s Joy is my collection of writings on traditional methods of astrology.  It’s mostly short pieces, written in a straightforward style that I hope is easy to read and understand. Since starting the blog ten years ago I've written over 150 posts on a wide range of subjects. The blog title refers to my natal Sun in the 9th, the house of its joy (a type of dignity in astrology).


Below are a few posts to get you started. To read more, follow the links on the left!


Prince Harry - Royal Resignation

On Jan 8, Prince Harry announced that he and his wife, Meghan, would be stepping back as senior members of the Royal Family and would be splitting their residency between the UK and North America going forward. The announcement made headlines everywhere and was quickly dubbed “Megxit.”

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Kavanaugh Horary, Take Two

Here’s a second look at a horary chart I posted in 2018 (here), asking whether Brett Kavanaugh would be appointed to the US Supreme Court before Nov 6 (the date of the mid-term elections that year).  I had judged he would not; but in fact, Mr. Kavanaugh was appointed to the Court on Oct 6, 2018.

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"Can you read my natal chart?"

I'm often asked this question.  I’ve tried my hand at general natal readings off and on over the years, given that clients always seem to want them.  But I’ve recently drawn a line under these for good.  Here are some of the reasons why.

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My Charts in "Horary Examples" - A Sneak Preview!

"Horary Examples" is a collection of detailed, step-by-step explanations of horary judgments on a wide range of subjects.  Editor Dave Menconi came up with the idea and brought the project to fruition in the fall of 2016. I am one of the contributing authors, along with my teacher, John Frawley, and four of my colleagues. I was honored to write the Introduction and the Glossary, as well.

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