Where's the cash?

I had put away a small amount of money in preparation for a trip out of town. When the time came to depart, however, I couldn’t remember where I’d put it. I looked in all the usual places with no luck. So, the question arose: Where's the cash? June 28, 2021 at 9:45 pm CDT in Milwaukee.

The chart appears below.


I am Lord 1, Saturn (ruler of Capricorn on the first house cusp) and the Moon.  The missing cash is either Lord 2, Jupiter (ruler of Pisces on the second house cusp) or Lord 4, Venus (ruler of Taurus on the fourth house cusp).


Look at the Moon and Jupiter: they are conjunct. That’s a big clue that the money is signified by Jupiter. The Moon in Pisces, Jupiter’s sign, also shows my interest in the cash.


Jupiter’s proximity to the Moon indicates that the cash is close by. I searched again, everywhere I could think of. Still no luck! So, I let the matter go. (Thankfully it was not a large amount of cash.)


About two months later I found the cash, quite accidentally. I had folded the bills and placed them inside the front pocket of my checkbook cover, behind the front page of the paper register—a rather effective hiding place, as it turns out! The checkbook sits in a basket on my coffee table just behind my work desk, where I sit all day on weekdays. I have since put the cash in a more sensible location—my wallet!


The reader will note that there is no applying aspect between the Moon and Jupiter in this chart. There doesn’t have to be.  The Moon’s proximity to Jupiter shows us that the cash was close by the whole time.


Photo credit (above): Pixabay CC0