"Will Kavanaugh be confirmed before Nov 6?"

Brett Kavanaugh is Donald Trump's nominee to fill the vacant spot on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). As the reader may know, I'm no fan of Mr. Trump.  It's no surprise, then, that I oppose Mr. Kavanaugh's nomination.  There are huge issues at stake for US women, in particular, if he is confirmed to the court.


Last week an old classmate of Mr. Kavanaugh’s came forward with the allegation that he had sexually assaulted her during their high school years. I wondered whether the allegation might delay his confirmation--a turn of events that I would welcome.  So the question was born:  “Will BK be appointed to SCOTUS before Nov 6th?” Sept 19, 2018, 11:43 am in Glendale, WI; 24 Scorpio Asc (chart below). 

I asked the question in this way because if the GOP loses their Senate majority after the midterm elections on Nov 6, there’s a greater chance that Kavanaugh's nomination will fail.  


As 'some other person' Mr. Kavanaugh is signified by Lord 7, Venus, found at 6.23 Scorpio in the 12th house. Venus’s debility confirms that Mr. Kavanaugh is a Bad Guy and, contrary to my assumption, has no power to act in the situation. The SCOTUS job is signified by Lord 10, Mercury, found at 25.30 Virgo.  Mercury is exalted and sits in the elevated 10th house. Mercury is also combust, which here means enhanced (not destroyed).  This seems a fitting condition and placement for the SCOTUS job, a lifetime appointment and the greatest honor one can achieve as a US lawyer.


For a Yes answer, we need an applying aspect between Lord 7 and Lord 10, preferably with supportive reception.  We don’t have that here. Venus will perfect a sextile to the Midheaven (9.48 Virgo), but it makes no aspect to Mercury itself.  Furthermore, the reception is bad: Virgo is the sign of Venus's fall.  There is no translation or collection of light. Venus appears to be heading towards conjunction with Jupiter--not relevant here--but will turn retrograde in a few degrees. Venus is therefore void of course.


One might ask if Venus's sextile to the Midheaven enough for a Yes answer. I don’t think so. If Venus were dignified and had the power to act, then maybe that would suffice. But Venus has no dignity or power here. Kavanaugh will not get the appointment before Nov 6.


With each passing day the controversy around Mr. Kavanaugh grows. Tomorrow, both the accuser and Mr. Kavanaugh will testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee (televised).  The GOP leadership insists that they'll hold a confirmation vote as early as Friday. If that holds true, then we shall soon know the outcome to this question.


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Photo Credit: Lorie Shaull, Flickr (CC), cropped by me (https://www.flickr.com/photos/number7cloud/29600407857)