Super Bowl 52: Patriots vs. Eagles

The Super Bowl has started, folks, which means it’s time to predict who will win using the methods of sports astrology!  These event charts are great practice and they are fun.  So, let’s get started!


The first rule for sports events charts is not to treat them as you would a sports contest horary.  The rules are different.  With event charts, it’s mostly about where the significators fall and what’s going on with the Moon.

The odds-makers favor the New England Patriots over the Philadelphia Eagles.  The game's taking place in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I was in the kitchen cooking when the game kicked off, yikes!  So I don’t have an exact time.  I'll have to use the scheduled time of 5:30 p.m. and see how it works out.


The Patriots are signified by the Sun, ruler of Leo on the 1st house cusp, and also by Venus, ruler of Taurus on the 10th house cusp.  The Eagles are signified by Saturn, ruler of Aquarius on the 7th house cusp, and also by Mars, ruler of Scorpio on the 4th house cusp.


I see two testimonies in favor of a Patriots’ win:

  • Lord 1, the Sun, sits on the 7th house cusp.  This is a position of dominance, showing the Patriots in control of the game.  
  • The Moon, signifying the flow of events, applies to trine the Sun in two degrees, showing the Patriots getting the win.

However, there are minor testimonies in favor of an Eagles' win:

  • Lord 10, Venus, falls inside the 7th house.  This argues that the Eagles control the Patriots' prize.  
  • The South Node is conjunct the Sun (a little over one degree).  The South Node diminishes, so this could mean the Patriots will falter.  

I think the first two testimonies are stronger, so I call a win for the Patriots.  Personally I’d rather have the Eagles win.  I tend to dislike the perennial powerhouse teams--unless it’s my own team of the Green Bay Packers, that is! :)


I’ll be back again at game’s end to analyze the results.




What a game!!!  It came down to the very last play: the Patriots were down by 5 points and were in position to win it with a touchdown.  Brady made the pass in the final seconds but the receiver missed the catch, and so the Patriots lost.


So, what sense can we make of the chart, after the fact?  An applying aspect from the Moon to one of the significators is usually convincing testimony for a win. 


Here are my thoughts.  If kick-off was even a few minutes late, the Sun would have been farther from the 7th house cusp, weakening the strength of that testimony for the Patriots.  And/or, perhaps the South Node's conjunction with the Sun showed the Patriots lacking the power to pull out a win, despite the aspect from the Moon.  It's also possible that with two testimonies for each team, the game was essentially a toss-up.


No matter how you slice it, this was a great game to watch!  I'll be back in March for the NCAA championship match.  Until then, sports fans!


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PHOTO CREDIT:  By Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States - 2018 Super Bowl LII Minnesota Banner - Minneapolis, CC BY 2.0,