Leonard Nimoy & Spock

From the time I was a little girl I loved Spock.  Without question he is my favorite Star Trek character.  In fact, he’s one of my favorite TV characters, ever!  Naturally I’ve been curious to explore the astrological interplay between Leonard Nimoy the man and Spock the character.


We don’t have a birth time for Mr. Nimoy, unfortunately.  But even an untimed chart provides some clues as to why he is so closely identified with his most famous role.


If you had to describe Spock in a few words, which would you choose?  (Maybe pause for a moment to think of a few.)


Was ‘logical’ one of the words you came up with?  It was one of mine!  Another is ‘fascinating,’ a word he used a lot on the show.


Spock is extremely intelligent.  More than that, he’s dispassionate: he does not express emotions.  Spock has learned to control his emotions in favor of logic, a Vulcan trait he mastered despite being half human.  Spock is Mr. Uber-Brainy, serving as both First Officer and Science Officer on the USS Enterprise.  Which planet does all of that bring to mind?  


Yes, of course--it's Mercury!


So let’s have a look at Mercury in Nimoy’s chart (see below).  I’m using a chart cast for noon, the usual choice when the birth time is uncertain.  No matter the time, Nimoy’s Mercury is within two degrees of conjunction with Uranus, the sky god of all possibilities.  Put aside for a moment your other ideas about Uranus; think of it here as meaning ‘limitless’.  Also conjunct these two is the North Node, which amplifies.  This combination of Mercury with Uranus and the North Node signifies a limitless potential for doing Mercury kinds of things (reasoning, logic, science, etc.)  That rather fits with Spock, doesn’t it?


Another important testimony in this chart is Nimoy's agenda-driven Mars.  Mars is in the last degree of Cancer, where it is in fall.  When it moves into Leo its condition improves.  Mars has no essential dignity in early Leo, but it's a big step up from fall; and once in Leo, Mars enjoys positive mutual reception with the Sun. Because it's right on the verge of this positive change, Nimoy's Mars wants to get moving and do Mars-y things, right now!  This too fits well with Spock, who races across the universe with his fellow crewmen, facing danger and helping to save the day.  Mars also has a lot of clout because it disposes of three other planets: his boundless Mercury, the Sun, and Saturn (the latter by exaltation).


We might be tempted to look at the Moon in this chart (Mercury-ruled at 28 Gemini) and argue that it shows emotions being subordinate to thinking.  But again, there’s no clear consensus on Nimoy’s birth time.  If it is 8:30 p.m., as ADB argues, then the Moon will already have moved into the early degrees of Cancer.


For biographical information on Leonard Nimoy the man, click here.  For some clips and famous quotes from Spock, click here


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Above: Image from e_chaya, on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/e_chaya/16668830041)



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