"Where's my tea?"

Last Wednesday I received a message that the tea I’d ordered had been delivered. When I got home, however, there was no package waiting for me.  Hmm.  I checked the online tracking system and yes, the site said that my tea had been delivered at 11:31 a.m.  I thought, “Why would the postal service say it was delivered if it wasn’t?  Maybe it got delivered to one of the other buildings?” Etc.  And so I asked, “Where’s my tea?” Sept 27, 2017, 5:01 p.m. CDT in Milwaukee, WI; 23 Aquarius Asc.

That’s how the question came out, but what I really meant was, Will I get my tea or won’t I?  I hoped the tracking system was wrong and the package of tea would find its way to me soon.


As the querent I am Saturn, ruler of Aquarius on the Ascendant.  The tea—my possession now, as I’ve paid for it—is Mars, ruler of Aries on the 2nd house cusp.


Mars is in Virgo in the 7th house, not on the sign of the cusp, so not very close by.  That’s usually the first thing I look for in a lost object horary.  The next step is to look for an applying aspect between Mars (the tea) and me (Saturn).


Thankfully, there is one!  Mars at 14 Virgo applies to square Saturn at 22 Sagittarius; but Venus is not far behind Mars.  A check of the ephemeris shows that Venus will conjunct Mars at 19 Virgo and then square Saturn shortly after, translating Mars’s light to Saturn.  Okay, good!  A translation of light makes sense here, as a third party must deliver the package if I’m to get it.  Seeing this, I was confident that the tea was still on its way.


And, good news!  On Thursday when I arrived home, my package of tea was waiting for me on the stairs near the mailboxes.  Hurray :)