More on Trump - with a look ahead

For those of us opposed to Trump the ongoing question has been, ‘When will we be rid of him?!’  With that in mind, I’ve examined Trump’s directed charts for 2018, the year of our mid-term elections.  I've also looked at 2016 and the current year to discover how the charts show his elevation to the presidency and the events of his first year in office (to date).


Trump's natal chart appears at bottom, along with some reference info on the seven key Arabic Parts.


Progressions to Jan 1, 2016 (year elected POTUS)


Prog Asc 24.06 Libra

Prog MC 28.21 Cancer

Prog Sun 29.25 Leo

Prog Moon 10.42 Cancer

Prog Spirit 12.49 Sagittarius

Prog Fortuna 5.23 Virgo


Trump’s progressed Asc begins the year conjunct Spica, a royal star, fitting for a year of stepping into a major world spotlight.


His progressed Sun (29.25 Leo) is conjunct his natal Asc (29.55 Leo), for a huge emphasis on ‘Me’.  


Victory (super Jupiter, 5.05 Virgo) figures strongly conjunct Fortuna (super Moon, 5.23 Virgo, another symbol of ‘Me’), both picking up on Trump’s natal Love (super Venus, 3.22 Virgo).  This is a powerful positive testimony of personal gain.


It’s interesting that Prog Mercury and prog Pluto are so closely conjunct here.  In my view this captures something characteristic about Trump’s thinking and communication style (as in the emblematic ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’).


Solar Return for 2016 (4 Leo Asc)


SR Asc (4.42 Leo) is conjunct Trump’s natal MC (24.18 Taurus) by antiscion, putting 10th house career matters in a spotlight for this year.  


SR Mars (24.54 Scorpio Rx) opposes the natal MC (24.18 Taurus), a fitting symbol for the strife that followed in the wake of his election, especially after he took office.  


SR Jupiter (15.01 Virgo) is conjunct the SR North Node (16.48 Virgo Rx).  Both are conjunct natal Victory by antiscion (15.43 Aries/14.17 Virgo).  This is about Winning Big.  Even being rich and famous, winning the presidency was a big step up for Trump.  This testimony brings to mind his famous line, ‘We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be sick and tired of winning.’


Progressions to Jan 1, 2017 (current year)


Prog Asc 24.53 Libra

Prog MC 29.18 Cancer

Prog Sun 0.23 Virgo

Prog Moon 24.59 Cancer

Prog Spirit 0.17 Sagittarius

Prog Fortuna 19.23 Virgo


The Sun (0.23 Virgo) has lost major dignity by the start of 2017, reflecting the difference between the idea of winning and the reality of serving in office.  As well, when one steps into a major public role, the personal life is bound to suffer in some way.


The prog Moon (24.59 Cancer) has crossed over natal Saturn (23.48 Cancer) and will change signs this year.  In so doing it loses major essential dignity, just as the Sun has done, and will soon conjunct progressed Saturn (2.41 Leo).  This looks difficult, but so far it has signified nothing ominous.  More likely this reflects the conflicts and stresses of Trump’s presidency to date--the hirings and firings of multiple White House staff, the inability to pass promised legislation, the Russian investigation, the outrage over his Charlottesville response, etc.


Prog Captivity (super Saturn, 11.41 Sagittarius) will cross over the natal South Node/Moon conjunction (20.48 Sagittarius/21.12 Sagittarius) for a repetition of the Moon-Saturn symbolism.  


Prog Spirit (super Sun, 0.17 Sagittarius) squares the prog Sun (0.23 Virgo), signifying ongoing tensions and possible cross purposes.


Solar Return for 2017 (14 Libra Asc)


SR Mars (6.01 Cancer) is conjunct the Sun (22.55 Gemini) by antiscion, suggesting both strife and aggression.


SR Mercury (13.29 Gemini), SR Lord 9, is conjunct the MC (16.46 Cancer) by antiscion—an interesting testimony given the allegations of foreign influence under investigation!


The SR North Node (26.02 Leo Rx) falls onto the natal Necessity-Mars conjunction (26.28/26.46 Leo), amplifying that important natal pair for this year.


Pluto (18.44 Capricorn Rx) afflicts the MC by opposition.


Prog to Jan 1, 2018 (coming year)


Prog Asc 25.39 Libra

Prog MC 0.15 Leo

Prog Sun 1.21 Virgo

Prog Moon 9.10 Leo

Prog Spirit 10.02 Sagittarius

Prog Fortuna 3.23 Libra


By the start of 2018, the Moon (9.10 Leo) will be well past prog Saturn (2.48 Leo).  Prog Spirit, moving sun-wise as it does, will start the year at 17.50 Scorpio.  This is just past Trump’s natal Part of Resignation and Dismissal (Saturn plus Jupiter minus the Sun, 18.20 Scorpio).  Might this mean impeachment or resignation? It seems unlikely but is worth noting for the record.


Prog Venus (natal Lord 10) applies to conjunct natal Jupiter (17.27 Libra in station).  Jupiter is natal Lord 8 as well as turned Lord 8 from the 10th house of career.   Could this signify the end of Trump’s presidency?  It’s possible, but again: don’t hold your breath.


Solar Return 2018 (23.26 Sagittarius Asc)


The natal South Node/Moon conjunction (20.48 Sag/21.12 Sagittarius) falls close to this Asc (23.26 Sag), in mundane conjunction with natal Mars (which sits 3 degrees above the natal Asc).  I see this as another sign of further strife ahead.


The SR MC/IC axis (15.50 Libra/15.50 Aries) picks up natal Jupiter (17.27 Libra) at the MC and natal Victory (15.43 Aries) on the IC.  The latter, especially, seems to suggest a low point of sorts for Trump.


SR Venus (natal Lord 10) has just changed signs from Cancer (ruled by the Moon) to Leo (ruled by the Sun).  There’s no loss of dignity involved.  I see ominous potential here--not for Trump, but for us citizens.  The Moon signifies the electorate, while the Sun signifies the ruler/King.  Is this showing a further turn towards autocracy? I pray not!


This SR takes place just after a new Moon.  By primary motion both the Moon (25.40 Gemini) and the Sun (22.55 Gemini) are setting at the Descendant, suggesting that things may be trending downhill for Trump in 2018.  The SR Moon is in mundane conjunction with natal Courage (super Mars) and Spirit.  This repeats the Moon-Mars symbolism on the Asc.


In summary, it would take something cataclysmic for a sitting president to leave office in the middle of a term. While the testimonies for 2018 suggest strife, tension, and even perhaps limits of some kind, I don't foresee anything cataclysmic.  Of course, I'd happily be proven wrong!  Meanwhile, we who oppose Trump would be wise to hunker down and prepare for the long game.




Note: these formula remain the same whether the birth is by day or by night.


Part of Spirit (aka Solis or Abundance), ‘super Sun’:  Asc + Sun - Moon

Part of Fortune (aka Fortuna or Hunger), ‘super Moon’:  Asc + Moon – Sun

Part of Love, ‘super Venus’:  Asc + PS – PF

Part of Necessity, ‘super Mercury’:  Asc + PF – PS

Part of Courage, ‘super Mars’:  Asc + PF – Mars

Part of Victory, ‘super Jupiter’:  Asc + Jup – PS

Part of Captivity, ‘super Saturn’:  Asc + PF – Saturn



Asc = Ascendant (1st house cusp)

Dsc = Descendant (7th house cusp)

MC = Midheaven (10th house cusp)

NA = Natal Arc (method of placing the Arabic Parts in the same place relative to the Asc as they held in the Radix)

Prog = Progressed

SR = Solar return


CHARTS, in order of appearance below:

1) Trump, Donald, Radix: 14 Jun 1946, 10:54 am EDT in Queens, NY; 29.55 Leo Asc

(with key for Parts adjacent)

2) Trump, Donald, Solar Return: 13 June 2016 in Queens; 4.42 Leo Asc

3) Trump, Donald, Solar Return: 13 June 2017 in Queens; 14.25 Libra Asc

4) Trump, Donald, Solar Return: 13 June 2018 in Queens; 23.25 Sagittarius Asc