"Will Trump be impeached?"

I asked this question when the news about Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey was fresh and serious questions had re-emerged about Trump's collusion with the Russian government.  “Will Trump be impeached?” May 13, 2014, 3:04 pm EDT in Hartford, MI; 15 Virgo Asc.


This is an intriguing chart.  Trump is signified by Mercury, ruler of Gemini on the 10th house cusp.  Mercury is nearing the end of Aries at 28.06 degrees.

Mercury is separated from trine with Saturn (26.42 Sagittarius Rx).  The Moon (24.46 Sagittarius) applies to conjunct Saturn and then immediately trines Mercury, remaking the aspect.  Both the Moon and Saturn take Mercury into detriment with the contact.  Mercury's negative reception with Saturn is mutual (it's in Saturn's term but also its fall, which is much stronger).


I consider the Moon to be the flow of action here, but it could playing the role of Lord 11, Trump’s advisors or aides.  Saturn is the natural significator of things limiting, constricting, or generally unpleasant.  Saturn could be playing the role of Lord 8, signifying the death of Trump’s presidency.  But Saturn has aspected Mercury before, so I don’t think it means this.


Based on the Moon's translation of Saturn's light with negative reception, I believe Trump will be impeached. But let's not get our hopes up: impeachment is only the first step in removing a US President from office.  Bill Clinton was impeached, acquitted of all charges, and remained in office (see first link below). Richard Nixon was impeached, resigned to avoid criminal charges, and was pardoned (see second link below).


Shortly after the translation of light, Mercury moves into Taurus.  In terms of essential dignity there is no significant change here.  Mercury is peregrine in the last degrees of Aries, while in the first degrees of Taurus it has face--a slight improvement.


I doubt this sign change signifies Trump's removal from office, given that Mercury is slightly better off afterwards.  Taurus is on the cusp of the turned 12th house of imprisonment, but we’d need some other testimony to show imprisonment, and there is none.


I rather hope I’m wrong!  Trump is entirely unfit to be President.  He and his cronies are rapidly dismantling a half-century’s worth of legislative gains for the common folk and the environment.  Vice President Mike Pence is preferable only in terms of comportment, not policy.


I’ll be back with more commentary when there is any news on this.  Until then, thank you for checking in!






PHOTO CREDIT: By Max Goldberg - https://www.flickr.com/photos/max-goldberg/24123224679/, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47420410