Where are Bernie's glasses?

Upon arriving home the other night I found my Funko Pop Bernie figurine lying on the floor.  He usually sits on the bookshelf with the cookbooks.  This, no doubt, was the work of my cat Bryce; he loves to knock things off of tables and shelves.  I picked up little Bernie and noticed that his glasses were missing.  

I looked on the floor for the small plastic glasses, first using a flashlight, then getting on all fours to look more closely.  No Bernie-glasses anywhere in sight!  Okay, so I know this is just a plastic figurine.  But I love Funko Pop Bernie, and he really doesn’t look right without his glasses on.  Realizing that the cat could have batted the glasses anywhere around the apartment—or even eaten them!—I decided to ask the question: 


“Where are Bernie’s glasses?”  April 28, 2017, 10:50 pm CDT in Milwaukee, WI; 15 Sagittarius Asc (see below).


I love it when lost-object horaries work out as well as this one did!  The glasses are Bernie’s, not mine, so they are signified by the Moon, ruler of Cancer on the turned 2nd house cusp (the 2nd from the 7th, which is the radical 8th house).  Where is the Moon?  It is close to the Descendant, one of the four chart angles.  This is good news, as it means the glasses are close by and therefore likely to be found.


I took the flashlight and looked again in the area around where Bernie had fallen.  Sure enough, I found the little glasses—caught in a crack in the floor at the entrance to the kitchen.   Hurray!


My daughter has since super-glued Bernie’s glasses back on his face.  He’s looking as good as new, as you can see :)


Isn’t horary fun?!


PHOTO CREDITS: From my own collection.