Super Bowl 2013: 49ers vs Ravens

Welcome, sports astrology fans!  This is my fourth annual NFL Super Bowl prediction.  I’m 2-1, having got the first prediction wrong because I hadn't yet read The Pink Book!


This is an event chart, as I have no preference for either team, nor did any fan of either team ask me a horary question about the game.

If you have John Frawley's Sports Astrology, we are working from Chapter 2, "The chart for the event," p. 71-122.


Kick-off is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. CST tonight in New Orleans, LA (29N57.16, 90W04.30), 14 Leo Rising (chart below).  The San Francisco 49ers are favored over the Baltimore Ravens, so the 49ers get Lords 1 and 10 (the Sun and Venus).  The Ravens get Lords 7 and 4 (Saturn and Mars).


Ah, this is a tricky one.  Lord 1 is just inside the seventh house, which is major testimony in favor of the Ravens.  But if kick-off is even six minutes late, the Sun will be not inside the seventh house but on the seventh cusp, which reverses the testimony (see p. 81 in bold, caps).  What this means is that I won't be able to predict the game until just after kick-off.  But I believe we can anticipate a few other testimonies in advance, so let's take a look at those.


Lord 7 is two degrees inside the fourth cusp, but this testimony is not as strong, both because it is not as close and because Lord 4 is one of its own houses.  The Moon is in the fourth house, which could be testimony for the Ravens.  Antiscion Fortuna is about four degrees from the Ascendant, too far away to be a major testimony for the 49ers.


Where is the Moon going?  It is moving to conjunct Venus, Lord 10, by antiscion.  If this counts, it would favor the 49ers.  The aspect is about seven degrees, though, and typically we take a maximum of five degrees for an American football game.  Hmmm.


Both Lord 1 and Lord 7 are moving to aspect Fortuna bodily--Lord 1 by square, Lord 7 by opposition, but Lord 1 will get there first.


So we have one major testimony--which depends entirely upon actual kick-off time--and a mix of other testimonies that aren't definitive.  I will call the game based upon the position of Lord 1 at actual game start. 


I'll be back in a few hours, probably accessing Wi-Fi from a McDonald's in the small town I'll be visiting.  Let's hope I have a good connection! :)




Well, how about that!  Kick-off was almost exactly on schedule at 5:31 p.m. CST.  Lord 1, Sun, is just inside the 7th, giving the Ravens control of the game.  Based on this major testimony, I believe the Ravens will win.


Back after the game with the results!




What a game!!!  An odd power outage early in the second half stopped game action for a full 35 minutes.  The Ravens lost momentum once action resumed, but they never lost the lead.  The game was a nail-biter, though, until the last four seconds!


As it turns out, this chart is a classic example of one major testimony that tells the story: Lord 1 just inside the seventh house means the underdogs have control of the enemy and win the game.  And so it proved. 


We'll take a break from sports charts now for about six weeks until March Madness (NCAA men's basketball tournament).  Until then, sports fans!  Thanks for checking in!


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By Au Kirk - Flickr: Jacoby Jones Dives for Touchdown, CC BY 2.0,



Jack Kurzenknabe, “Baltimore Ravens Dennis Pitta and Anquan Boldin,” Flickr: CC.


By Austin Kirk - Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII - New Orleans, CC BY 2.0,


By Au Kirk - Flickr: Baltimore Ravens - Super Bowl XXXV Ring, CC BY 2.0,