NCAA Championship 2013: Louisville vs Michigan

Hello sports fans!  Here we are at the NCAA title game for 2013: Louisville vs Michigan.  Louisville is favored, so they are assigned Lord 1, Mars, and Lord 10, the Sun.  Michigan is assigned Lord 7, Venus, and Lord 4, Saturn.  If the game tips at 9:23 p.m. EDT as expected, here's the chart (set for today, April 8 in Atlanta, Georgia).


Here are my thoughts.  Venus (Michigan) is three full degrees away from the Sun, which for a sports event chart may be too far for it to be harmed by combustion (see Sports Astrology, p. 89-90).


Saturn, Lord 4, is within three degrees of the first house cusp.  Our text advises that Saturn can work as a general malefic when in close proximity to something important, abandoning its other roles (p. 90, bottom).  So I'm not sure which way to read this.


The Sun, Lord 10 (a win for Louisville) opposes Fortuna in about two degrees.  This may not be relevant, however. 


The Moon is not making any aspects within our five-degree range; so no help there.


Well, I find this to be another tricky chart.  Is Venus’s combustion still a negative factor at three degrees out?  I’m just not sure.  I think that's what this game will come down to.  


And here's something else:  tip-off might be late, as they're just now introducing the players, and my computer says 8:22 p.m.!!  I'm going to wait until tip, adjust the chart... and then make a call.


Okay!  Game tipped at 8:27 CDT, and here's the adjusted chart (7 Scorpio Asc; see below).


Saturn is just over two degrees from the Ascendant now.  Does this mean 'Michigan win in the hands of Louisville'?  Or does it mean 'Louisville is harmed'?  And is Venus far enough away from the Sun to be safe from harm?


With trepidation, I'm calling the game for Michigan, based on Saturn having a harmful effect on Louisville and Venus being unharmed three degrees from the Sun.  Right or wrong, this is a great chart to learn from!  Back after the game!




I was wrong on this one.  Louisville has won, convincingly.  With hindsight we can now conclude two things: 


1) Saturn’s placement two degrees from the Ascendant did not harm Louisville.  It seems to have acted instead as Lord 4, and was therefore in Louisville's power; 


2) Venus (Michigan) *was* harmed by the Sun, and perhaps Mars being closely conjunct was harmful as well. Michigan made many mistakes in the second half and did indeed seem ‘burnt out’ towards the end.


And that's the story, folks!  Thanks for checking in, and I hope the learning has been good and fun!


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Above, By Flickr user Adam Glanzman -, CC BY 3.0,


Below, By Adam Glanzman, Michigan Daily -, CC BY 2.0,