"Will the Packers go to the Super Bowl?"

The Super Bowl is coming up Sunday after next.  I had hoped to be asking sports horary questions on how the Packers would fare in each playoff game.  But, no such luck!


A friend of mine had an excellent chance for a ticket to the Super Bowl, had the Packers qualified.  Back in early January this friend asked, “Will the Packers go to the Super Bowl?” (Jan 3, 2012, 8:17 a.m., Milwaukee, WI, 26 Capricorn Asc; chart below).

The essence of the question was, "Will the Packers keep winning games?"  So I approached the chart as I would a regular sports horary.


At first glance, the Packers and their opponents look evenly matched.  But we know that the Packers fell apart and the Giants won handily.  Is there anything in the chart that shows this?


The querent is a Packers fan, so the Packers get Lord Ascendant, Saturn.  Saturn is exalted and placed in the ninth house, one of the neutral houses in sports horaries.  The opponents are the Moon.  The Moon is also in exaltation and placed in the third house, another neutral house.  For this reason I believed that it was too close to call, which is what I told the querent at the time.


Reality proved otherwise, though.  What did I miss?


The Moon is in the house of its joy, the third.  This must have given Moon the edge. It's a good reminder to consider planetary joys when all other factors seem equal.


We could stop there, but let's look at a few other factors.


Saturn, representing the Packers, is near the end of its exaltation at 28 Libra. In retrospect, the short span of degrees left in exaltation was a clue that the Packers would not get to the Super Bowl.  The Moon, on the other hand, is early in its exaltation—in the first third of its sign. This must be telling us that the Moon will stay strong for a longer period of time.


The Moon is also in a fixed sign.  Perhaps fixed exaltation is stronger than cardinal exaltation?  We’d need to examine more charts of this kind to see if this idea bears out or not. 


The Moon’s phase could also have been a factor.  At the date and time of the question, the Moon was waxing to full.  It’s almost trine, one of the stronger places for the Moon to be relative to the Sun.  This tells us that the Moon is strong now, but getting stronger still, giving the opponents the edge.


Ah!  I've just now noticed that Saturn is approaching station.  At the time of the question Saturn was still moving at a good pace, for Saturn—about four minutes a day.  In a degree’s time, however, Saturn will begin to slow down.  Perhaps ‘a degree’ here was the equivalent of ‘a week or two.’  Saturn is getting weaker, the Moon getting stronger, the Moon wins.


One final comment.  A glance at the ephemeris shows us that Saturn does not actually leave exaltation this time around.  Before it reaches the end of Libra, it will turn retrograde and will stay for quite some time before it eventually leaves the sign.  So: don’t count the Packers out for next year! :)


First published Jan 27, 2012 on silvestreastrology.blogspot.com


Photo By Mike Morbeck - Flickr: [1], CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=22201511