"Will the Badgers win Rose Bowl 2013?"

It's New Year's Day, aka College Bowl Day for American football fans here.  Wisconsin is in the Rose Bowl for the third year in a row, and they're 0-2. Will this year bring us a win?


I haven't made any sports predictions since NCAA basketball last April, so I'm a bit rusty.  I had to dust off my copy of the Pink Book, aka Sports Astrology by John Frawley, to review the difference between event charts and contest horaries. Wisconsin's my team and I'm the querent, so this is a contest horary. Review is complete, so let's begin!

“Will the Badgers win Rose Bowl 2013?”  Dec 31, 2012, 7:23 am CST Wauwatosa, WI; 8 Capricorn Asc (see chart below).


I see mixed testimonies here.  Let's tease them out.  (If you have Sports Astrology, please turn to page 4.)


The Wisconsin Badgers get the first house and its lord, Saturn.  Stanford gets the seventh house and its lord, the Sun.  The first step is to check the condition of the respective houses.


The first house has Pluto very close to the Ascendant.  Pluto is nasty, so this can't be good.  The Sun is also conjunct Pluto and peregrine—it has no essential dignity.  Do these contacts help or harm?  I'm afraid it's the latter.  A peregrine Mars is also in the first house, though in the next sign over, conjunct the North Node by antiscion.  The North Node might have been a little help, but I think Mars cancels that out.


The seventh house contains the antiscion of Jupiter at 22 Cancer.  Bodily, Jupiter is in detriment and retrograde, so this is harmful.  Antiscion South Node is also in the seventh, although in Leo, not Cancer.  Still, this is not a good influence. 


So far, both first and seventh houses have things afflicting them.  The first house has bodily afflictions, possibly worse than afflictions by antiscion.


Now on to the house lords.  Lord 1, Saturn, is in the tenth house and a little under four degrees from MC. Closer would be better, but this isn't bad.  Lord 7, the Moon, is on cusp 8: not good.  As far as house placement is concerned, Saturn is stronger. 


What about other factors? Let's continue down the list of house rulers on page 4 of our text.


Aspects: Saturn is beseiged by the rays of Pluto and the Sun, by sextile: not good.  The Moon is applying to trine Venus, which is peregrine, so that’s not good either.  None of these contacts is helpful.


Essential dignity: Both Saturn and Moon are peregrine.


Reception between rulers: ah, this is interesting.  The Moon is in Saturn's detriment, while Saturn is in the Moon's fall: negative mutual reception. Does this give them power over each other in a negative way?  And if so, is Saturn’s effect more harmful, because it takes the Moon into fall?  Exaltation is stronger than rulership in sports horaries, so I wonder if it follows that fall is worse than detriment.


Reviewing all of the testimonies, I see problems for both sides.  But remembering that “house placement decides more contest horaries than any other testimony” (p. 16), I'm going to call the game for Wisconsin.


Honestly, folks, my record with sports predictions isn't the best, so don't go placing any bets based on this prediction.  It's all about the learning. Whether right or wrong, the learning is always good.  I'll be back later with the outcome!




The game just finished and, alas, Wisconsin has lost.  This makes the Badgers 0-3 in recent Rose Bowls, and me 0-1 in sports predictions so far in 2013.  But the year is young :)


So where did I go wrong?  Let’s take a look.


I bet if Master were here, he'd hit me with the stick!  For what it's worth, the very first time I looked at this chart I thought, "Uh oh, Pluto on the Ascendant, not good for the Badgers."  It seems that Saturn in the tenth house is not enough to overcome the negative effects of Pluto afflicting the Ascendant.  Next time I see Pluto so close to a key house cusp, I'm going to pay more attention.  This is the third time in my humble sports prediction career that I've underestimated its effects.  Three's a charm, as they say! :)


I'll be back soon with a chart on the NFL playoff game between my beloved Green Bay Packers and the despised Minnesota Vikings.  Until then, happy sports watching, and thanks for checking in!


First published Jan 1, 2013 on silvestreastrology.blogspot.com


Photo by Phil Roeder from Des Moines, IA, USA - Wisconsin Beats UTEP, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=32768928