Super Bowl 2012: Patriots vs Giants

Here we are, a mere two hours away from kickoff of this year's Super Bowl game between the favored New England Patriots and the New York Giants.


Being that I and everyone around me are Packer fans, there was no opportunity for a sports horary question regarding this game.  That leaves us one choice: a chart for the event.


The techniques for analyzing chart events are different from those used in horary, and much more limited.  If you have John Frawley's Sports Astrology, turn to Chapter 2 (pages 71-122).  The summary chart on page 80 is especially helpful.


Kickoff is set for 6:29 p.m. this evening, in Indianapolis (21 Leo Asc; chart below).


As the favored team, the Patriots get the first and tenth houses.  As their opponents, the Giants get the seventh and fourth houses.  Note that I am assuming that the actual kickoff time is not more than a few minutes different from this time.  If reality proves otherwise, I'll be back right after kickoff to adjust the chart as necessary.


Well, we have two principal testimonies here, and they conflict. 


The Sun, representing the Patriots, is five degrees from the seventh house cusp--not close enough to matter. The Sun's antiscion at 13.26 Scorpio is very close to the fourth house cusp, however.  This is testimony in favor of the Patriots.  Why?  Because a planet or its antiscion sitting on a house cusp controls that house, and the fourth house signifies a win for the Giants.


On the other hand, the Moon in sports event charts signifies the flow of action.  The Moon here is applies to oppose the Part of Fortune (Fortuna) in a little under five degrees.  Five degrees is about the maximum for an American football game, so this should count.  As Frawley teaches, aspects to Fortuna in event charts are final. The Moon opposing Fortuna also favors the underdogs.  So this is additional testimony favoring the Giants.


We can't be tempted to look to testimonies such as dignity and speed to help us sort this out--like the fact that Saturn is exalted but in station, or that the Sun is in detriment and in the 6th.  These are irrelevant.  Nor can we look to them for an answer if we get the prediction wrong. 


I'm going with the Giants.  Perhaps the Patriots will threaten control (antiscion Sun on the fourth house cusp), but the Giants will win in the end (Moon opposing Fortuna).  Something tells me the Moon's aspect with Fortuna will outweigh the other testimony. 


Now we just have to wait and see what happens!




What a great game!  It went down to the last seconds, but the Giants came through with the big win.  The Moon opposing Fortuna favors the underdogs.  Aspects to Fortuna are final.  And so it proved!


More sports predictions to come in March, with NCAA men's basketball.  Good night, sports fans!


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