NCAA Championship 2012: Kentucky vs Kansas

We're down to our last college basketball game of the season:  the NCAA Men's Final.  Kentucky is a 7-point favorite over Kansas according to Vegas.  The game is supposed to start tomorrow, April 2, 2012, at 8:23 p.m. CDT in New Orleans, LA (27 Libra Asc, chart below).


Libra is rising so Kentucky gets Venus and the Sun; Kansas gets Mars and Saturn.  The Moon is the flow of action in the game.

I'm going call the game only when I have a confirmed tipoff time.  Why?  Because Fortuna will have moved if the game starts even a few minutes late.  Above, the Moon (22.45 Leo) makes an immediate aspect to antiscion Fortuna (22.49 Libra).  If Fortuna moves by even four minutes of arc, the aspect will be separated and will not count.  Last night's game between OSU and Kansas started 16 minutes late, so I'm not confident about this time.  Moon's aspects to Fortuna or its antiscion are final--a major testimony for a Kentucky win--but only if this chart is accurate to the minute. 


Antiscion Venus (1 Leo) is just inside the tenth house--not a definitive testimony for Kentucky by itself, but possibly important.  More important, I think, is Saturn (a Kansas win) sitting on the Ascendant.  It is moving away from the Asc because it is retrograde, so this is not a definitive testimony, either.  Antiscion Mars (25 Aries) is within a few degrees of its own seventh house cusp, which is testimony in favor of Kansas.


Well, four minutes makes a big difference!  Below is the actual tip-off chart, set for 8:27 p.m. (28.59 Libra Asc).  There is no longer an aspect between Moon and antiscion Fortuna, which would have been definitive testimony for the favorites, Kentucky.  Saturn is now a little over two degrees from the Asc, which may be too far to matter; this would have favored Kansas.  Antiscion Mars is also too far from the seventh house cusp to count as a testimony for Kansas.


The remaining testimonies that we have are:


Antiscion Venus conjunct the MC, which favors Kentucky;


The Moon will trine antiscion Mars in a little under three degrees, then it will sextile Saturn in a little under 5 degrees.  The trine to antiscion Mars is an iffy testimony for Kansas.  The sextile to Saturn is also a bit iffy in that basketball is a fast game consisting of two halves, 20 minutes each, so five degrees may be too long. 


Well, I always like the underdog, so I'm going to go with Kansas.  There's that Saturn-antiscion Neptune factor to consider, too.  Right or wrong, I'll be back after the game to provide analysis.


Enjoy the game!




My daughter just quipped that the real prediction should have been how many times I would swear during the game.


Kansas is looking lifeless and is down by 14 points.  Just by the feel of it, I don't see Kansas pulling this off. So, I'm already in analysis mode.  I think the Moon sextile Saturn will prove out of range.  It just won't matter. Saturn sitting on the Asc is having no effect whatsoever on Kentucky.  Not close enough, and moving away (retrograde).  


The only thing that must matter here is the antiscion of Venus on the tenth house cusp, showing Kentucky controlling its own destiny.  This fits the reality, because Kentucky is on a major roll right now.


Time will tell, as it always does.  My intention in the second half is simply to enjoy the game--and avoid further swearing :)




It was Kentucky all the way.  Kansas rallied a few times, bringing the game to within six points, but errors got in the way of every potential comeback.  Kentucky was simply stronger.


We have to conclude that antiscion Venus at the MC signified Kentucky's dominance.  And from now on, I'll use four degrees for the Moon's aspects in basketball games, not five.  Five degrees works for American football, but basketball is a quicker game.


This brings the college basketball season to a close for this year.  Meanwhile, opening day for the Brewers is this Friday.  Baseball, anyone? :)


Bye for now, sports fans, and thanks for tuning in!


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