NCAA Championship 2011: UConn vs Butler

Tipoff in tonight's NCAA men's basketball final is set for 8:23 p.m. CDT in Houston, TX.  UConn is favored by four points to beat Butler.  The chart appears below (24 Libra Asc).


As the favored team UConn gets Venus, ruler of Libra on the Ascendant.  Butler gets Mars, ruler of Aries on the Descendant.  The Moon is Lord 10 (as UConn’s victory), but we need the Moon to represent the flow of action in the game, so we'll have to do without it as Lord 10.  Saturn is Lord 4 (Butler's victory).


There is no easy testimony to determine the winner of this game.  Readers may recall that in sports event charts we ignore essential and accidental dignities.  The Moon is not cooperating, in that it makes no major aspect within the five degrees allowed for basketball. 


One possible testimony in favor of a UConn win is Venus trine Fortuna (only a minute away from perfecting).  However, this is not a reliable testimony, according to Sports Astrology (p. 88).


What does the Moon tell us?  Nothing obvious.  The Moon's dispositor is Venus (UConn), but that should not matter.  It is placed in the seventh house but not on or near the cusp.  The Moon will aspect the antiscia of the Nodes in four degrees, then trines Pluto in seven, but seven degrees is out of range.


What about Fortuna?  Its dispositor is Mars, but as Mars is Lord 7, we must ignore Mars’s role as dispositor of Fortuna.  By antiscion Fortuna falls at 19 Aquarius, not a testimony for either team.


The only planet very close to one of our significators is Uranus, less than a degree separated from Mars (Butler).  The question is, does this help or harm Butler as the underdogs?  Uranus brings upsets, so we could argue that this favors Butler.


I have to call the game one way or another, so I will call it for Butler based on the Mars-Uranus conjunction.


PS: Actual tipoff time was 8:26 p.m.  The applying trine between Venus and Fortuna is wider now.  Back after the game!


PSS: there are seven minutes to go in the game but I can hardly watch at this point.  Butler can't get a basket down to save their lives!!  It's horrible.


I think it’s safe to say that my prediction will be wrong.  (Well, I know a lot can happen in seven minutes in basketball, but Butler will need a miracle.)  I now see the Mars-Uranus conjunction as an upset to Butler.  Perhaps if the conjunction were applying the effect would be different.  




And so it goes...  UConn wins convincingly after Butler falls apart in the second half.  


I can only reason that the applying trine between Venus (UConn) and Fortuna signified a win for them.  I can find no other testimony that argues clearly for a UConn win.  Perhaps the Moon being at the very start of Venus’s sign, Taurus, is relevant--especially given that the Moon makes no aspects within our five-degree range.  The Mars-Uranus conjunction was either irrelevant or signified Butler coming unhinged.  


Well, learning is good, even when it is a little painful :)


Congrats to UConn and their fans: an NCAA hoops title is one of the great thrills in sports.  Goodbye, college basketball fans, until next year!


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PHOTO CREDIT: By texan photography - Flickr: Championship Tip Off, CC BY-SA 2.0, Cropped by me.