"Will the Badgers win the Rose Bowl?" (Badgers vs TCU)

I've been a Badgers fan for a very long time.  Soon the football Badgers face off against Texas Christian University (TCU) in the 2011 Rose Bowl.  I thought I'd test my sports horary skills and ask the question, "Will the Badgers win the Rose Bowl?"  Jan 1, 2011, 3:42 p.m. CST in Milwaukee, WI (2 Cancer Asc; chart at bottom).

Alas Badger fans, it doesn't look good.  South node just inside the first house bodes poorly for Bucky.  Lord 1 is the Moon, weakly placed in the sixth house and losing light (waning).  Lord 10, symbolizing a win for the Badgers, is in the 10th and has dignity but Uranus is tightly conjunct, suggesting an upset.  Opponent TCU is Saturn, exalted in the fifth house and moving slowly, which Saturn likes to do.  Perhaps this means a really strong defense?  TCU's win, Lord 4, is Mercury.  Mercury is in detriment but it disposes the Part of Fortune. Looks like a TCU win to me.


If I'm wrong, I'll have to take out Sports Astrology and review the rules.  The game starts soon, so in a few hours we'll know.




Well, Badger fans, I'm sorry to say that I was correct in my prediction of a loss in the Rose Bowl.  It was TCU's night.  As sports horaries go, this was a pretty easy one: South Node on the Ascendant pretty much tells the tale at a glance.


PS: I was onto something with the defense comment.  The key play of the game was TCU's Tank Carder swatting away the ball in the Badgers' two-point conversion attempt with two minutes to go in the game.


First published Jan 1, 2011 on silvestreastrology.blogspot.com


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