NCAA Championship 2010: Duke vs Butler

Tip-off time for the NCAA men's basketball championship game in Indianapolis is 9:21 p.m. EDT tonight (8:21 p.m. here in Milwaukee).  I have cast the chart and will post it once the game actually starts.  The rising sign is 00.33 Scorpio, so we know for sure that Duke, who is strongly favored, will be signified by Mars while Butler, the underdogs, will be signified by Venus.  Lord 10 (Duke’s prize) is the Sun, ruler of Leo on the tenth house cusp.  Lord 4 (Butler’s prize) is Saturn, ruler of Aquarius on the fourth house cusp.

Butler is the 'Cinderella' team this year and public sentiment seems to be on their side.  I will certainly be rooting for them myself.


When I look at the chart, what jumps out is Mars closely applying to the tenth house cusp.  This suggests Duke is strong in its own power.  However, Mars is applying immediately to oppose the Part of Fortune (Fortuna).  Per Sports Astrology, this is strong testimony in favor of the underdogs.  


The Moon in sports events charts represents the flow of action.  I reviewed the section about the Moon after calling the Butler vs. Michigan State game incorrectly.  The book states that the type of aspect (trine, square, etc.) is irrelevant.  If that is true, then the Moon square Jupiter (MSU) in that chart should have favored MSU; but it didn't. 


In tonight's chart we have another such square, between the Moon and the Sun (as Duke’s success).  This is supposed to favor Duke, but now I am skeptical.  Then the Moon will conjunct the North Node.  This, too, should favor Duke.


To summarize, we have one major testimony that should favor Butler: Mars opposing Fortuna.  We have two testimonies that should favor Duke: the Moon square the Sun and, if it counts, the Moon conjunct the North Node which happens just after.  


I'm calling the game for Butler.  Somehow Lord 1 opposing Fortuna seems a stronger testimony to me.  In a few hours we shall see what actually happens.


Happy viewing, college basketball fans!


PS: the game just tipped off at 9:24 p.m. EDT. The chart is adjusted just slightly and appears below (1 Scorpio Asc).




Duke won :(


But wow, what a game!  Butler had a chance to win in the last two seconds and ALMOST pulled it off... but the shot didn't go in.  As the TV announcers said, this game will go down as one of the greatest championship games ever.  Every moment of the game was exciting!


I think because I favored Butler I did not weigh the evidence properly.  Yes, Lord 1 opposing Fortuna favors the underdog, but this alone was not enough for a win.  The Moon's action must tell the story.  The final aspect of the Moon was a conjunction with the North Node, and this meant a win for the favorites.


I'm having my typical ‘oh-how-awful-for-the-losers’ empathy for Butler and its fans.  To come so close and not win!  But they played a fabulous game, and I hope in time they will come to realize that.


Well folks, that's it for sports predictions for a while!  I'm happy to have gained some experience with sports contest charts, which are new to me (having done only sports horaries previously).  Many thanks to my readers for bearing with me during this learning curve.  I hope it has been fun!


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