"Will the Colts win the Super Bowl?"

Hubby, a true and longtime fan of the Indianapolis Colts, asks, “Will my team, the Colts, win the Super Bowl?”  January 25, 2010, 10:11 am CST, Milwaukee, WI; 17 Aries Asc (chart at bottom).


In sports horaries we look for testimonies that tell us which house and planetary ruler--first or seventh--is stronger.  The stronger one will win the game.

The Colts, as hubby’s team, get the first house and its ruler, Mars. The Saints get the seventh house and its ruler, Venus. 


First we look at the houses themselves. Is anything going on there? Mars’s own antiscion falls in the first and Venus’s in the seventh. Both are in detriment, which could mean self-affliction (e.g., bungling the ball, penalties). The antiscia are opposed, as are Venus and Mars themselves; maybe this will be an especially rough game. But this doesn’t tell us which of the two houses is stronger.


Next, let’s look at the condition of each planet. Mars is peregrine and retrograde—in pretty bad shape—and placed in the decent fifth house. Venus has very minor dignity (face) and is placed the eleventh, another good house. However, Venus but is combust at 3.18 degrees separated from the Sun (in its own detriment in Aquarius). By now our reader is well familiar with combustion. There is no worse state than combustion, so even though Mars is in bad shape, Venus is worse. Therefore, the Colts will win the game.


Can it be that simple? Perhaps! I have looked thoroughly at the rest of the chart, examining the receptions (especially with Saturn), the remaining antiscia, Jupiter, the Moon, etc. but I see nothing that clearly contradicts the above judgment. So we will stand by it.


If it turns out that I’ve got it wrong, I have saved the rest of my analysis for the game’s post-mortem. We will sort it out then.


On Sunday we will be guests of a dear friend from New Orleans and her family—Saints fans, but not hostile to the Colts. Hubby, of course, will be rooting for the Colts. 


Here’s to a good and exciting game!




Time to eat humble pie :)  Please note that it is not the astrology that is wrong.  The chart shows the truth; I just didn't see it.


Before I continue, I must give credit to my brother, Steve.  On Saturday morning very early he emailed me the following message:


Hey Lovely Sis...


I'll make it easy for ya! The Saints are gonna win. 


Most of the country is on the Peyton Manning/Colts bandwagon.  They are wrong.  Why?  Because everyone looks at the bottom line only and not the context. 


In sports, there are two simple rules: (1) "Who have you played?" (2) "Who have you beaten?"  In the case of the Colts, the answer is "None" and "None." LOL!!


The Saints have actually have proven much more... they've beaten (a) the Patriots (by much more than the Colts), (b) the Jets (by more than Colts), (c) the Cards (beat them in PLAYOFFS... when they were HOT... unlike Colts who beat them early in year when COLD), and (d) most importantly... the VIKINGS....perhaps the best team.  People make the argument Saints shouldn't have won, but the fact is they DID.  They beat a team when they should have lost, which is the sign of a GREAT team!


Take my word... Saints are gonna win (maybe even easily)... which is gonna perplex and confound most everyone, but you'll be able to say... 'My bro first told me so'... LOL.


So where did I go wrong in my analysis?  Here are my thoughts.


1) Combustion aside, Venus has more dignity than Mars.  That could be reason enough right there.


2) Venus is three degrees separated from the Sun.  Although this is still combust, Venus is moving away from the Sun, so the worst is over.  Retrograde Mars is applying to oppose the Sun, which is also a malefic by opposition.  So Mars is more afflicted by the Sun than Venus is.


3) Jupiter, our greater benefic, exalts Venus.  Jupiter likes Mars, too (by triplicity) but exaltation is stronger. Jupiter's antiscion falls in the 7th house at 28.17 Libra, which gives that house an edge.


4) Reception between/among Saturn, Venus, and Mars.  Mars and Saturn are in each other's detriment and so hate each other.  Venus and Saturn are in each other's signs and so love each other.  Why Saturn should matter, I am not sure.  The Moon is applying to it, suggesting that the action is moving that way.  That could be why.


Well, there you have it folks!  Thanks for tuning in.  I am hoping my brother will ask a few sports horaries very soon—college basketball, anyone?—so I have another chance to get it right.


Most importantly, kudos to the Saints.  It’s a great night for the city of New Orleans!


First published Feb 5, 2010 and (the outcome) Feb 7, 2010 on silvestreastrology.blogspot.com


PHOTO CREDIT:  Michael Tipton, “Super Bowl XLIV Wallpaper” (Flickr: CC), https://www.flickr.com/photos/rmtip21/4304932484


Postscript: Another testimony in favor of Venus here is planetary speed.  Venus's motion is greater than 1 degree 10 minutes, so it is fast-moving.  Mars's motion is not especially slow, but it isn't fast.  Also, Saturn plays the role of Lord 10, signifying a win for Mars.  Perhaps the mutual antagonism between Mars and Saturn plays a role in Mars's defeat, as well.