"When will hubby come home?"

Horary continues to amaze me with its accurate reflection of reality.


In this horary, the querent was upset that her husband had not come home after a night out with coworkers.  When the agreed-upon arrival time came and went, she called him on his cell but got his voicemail—several times.  This was unusual; he always had his cell on and with him.  In fact, it was so unlike him to be late or irresponsible that querent had worked herself into a panic. Feeding the panic was their child's anxiety and disappointment that daddy had not come home to tuck him in.

Our querent is signified by Mercury, ruler of Virgo on the Ascendant.  Jupiter is her husband, ruler of Pisces on the Descendant. 


Jupiter is peregrine at 29.34 Aquarius and in the 6th house.  The next sign is Pisces, which Jupiter rules. Therefore, hubby will return to his own house—literally—soon.  Timing is always the tricky part: How soon?


I interpreted .5 degree as half an hour and predicted a return home by 10 p.m.  But not so.  Hubby returned home at around 11:45 p.m., two and a half hours later.  The only way I can figure this is to consider 0 Pisces as the start of the next day at midnight, but this is, of course, in retrospect.  


As it turns out, the querent's hubby had WAY too much to drink, hadn’t heard his cell (which was in his coat pocket at the bar rather than on his person) and completely lost track of time.  Note the receptions between the two main significators. Querent is Mercury.  What is she interested in?  Saturn, Lord 5: her child.  The kid's anxiety was what prompted the question.  How does she feel about hubby right now? Mercury is in Jupiter's fall in Capricorn—she loathes him.


What about Mercury conjunct Pluto; does it figure in?  The querent’s emotions turned from panic to fury when hubby arrived home drunk.  In fact, she had never seen him so drunk.  She relates that she was quite beside herself and verbally ranted at him for his lapse of judgment.  Mercury conjunct Pluto, hating Jupiter, seems to signify her intense verbal fury.


Things returned to normal the next day, although the hubby was quite sick.  He voluntarily abstained from alcohol for about a month afterwards!


First published April 16, 2010 on silvestreastrology.blogspot.com


PHOTO CREDIT:  Pixabay (CC0)