Breaking news in Madison

At 6:10 p.m. this evening the Wisconsin Senate (sans Democrats) found a way to pass the budget bill that will end collective bargaining rights for public employee unions in the state.  This is the first substantive action the government has taken since the minority Democratic senators left the state on Feb 17.


Almost two weeks ago I asked a horary question, "Will the Budget Bill Pass?"

The chart data is Feb 25, 2011, 5:35 p.m. Milwaukee, WI, 7 Virgo Asc; see below.


I had difficulty reading this chart because I'd asked the question myself—something that is never recommended.  What was I really asking?  I have a stake in this issue because I am a member of a public employee union.  However, I am not happy with how my union handled some issues in my workplace.  The leadership also seems very entrenched in an ‘us vs. them’ ideology that I don't feel serves us public workers under current conditions.  So you can see that my personal feelings on this issue are mixed. 


One thing I saw clearly in this chart: Mercury, representing the state government as Lord 10, is combust.  As we know, combust means destroyed.  The state government was at a standstill when I asked the question.  I do recall coming to the conclusion that the impasse would continue until Mercury moved into Aries. 


Well, guess what?  That happened today!  Mercury moved into Aries and soon after, the Senate made a highly controversial move and found a way to pass the bill without the Democrats.


As I write this, demonstrators are gathering at the Capitol.  It seems we're in for an all-night protest and Heaven knows what tomorrow.  Everyone in Wisconsin is tuning in as we watch history unfold before our eyes.


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