Limerence (part 2)

We continue our natal study with a look at Jill's progressed and return charts for the first years of her painful limerence for Jack. We might expect to see testimonies involving Lord 7 and/or Venus, along with some evidence of affliction.  The goal, as ever, is to understand what the charts are telling us rather than reading in what we want or expect to find.

Progressing Jill’s chart to Jan 1 of the year she met Jack shows the Moon (her natal L7) at 16.50 Taurus and moving to trine natal Lord Asc, Saturn.  The Moon will then cross progressed Venus and Algol this year.  Algol is relevant because falling in love with Jack was a way in which Jill ‘lost her head.’  Fortuna crosses natal Venus as it moves forward to 4 Aries by year's end.  Progressed Mars, natural significator of divorce, is at 9.42 Aries, moving to square natal Fortuna by the following year.  Perhaps this signifies the rupture that, years later, leads to divorce.


The first chart below (15 Libra Asc) is Jill's Solar Return for the first year in question.  Look at the Moon: it is tightly conjunct Pluto and will soon enter its detriment.  This is a clear testimony of emotional turmoil for Jill that year.  Natal Arc Fortuna falls at 0.34 Aries, conjunct natal Venus.  Antiscion Mars, SR Lord 7, opposes natal Lord Asc, Saturn. 


Jill’s progression for the next year continues the theme of love and suffering.  The Moon, at 29 Taurus, drops out of exaltation and then crosses the progressed Sun, signifying the start of a new cycle.  Fortuna crosses progressed Asc and progressed Mars during the year.


In Jill’s next Solar Return (second chart below, 24 Sagittarius Asc) SR Pluto is right on the Asc, and that’s just a start.  Antiscion Uranus at 20.53 Libra opposes the Sun; SR Lord 7, Mercury, conjuncts natal Venus; antiscion SR Venus opposes natal Mars; and the MC/IC axis closely squares natal Saturn. The stars are speaking loudly of the disruption and difficulties here!


The third chart below is Jill's first relationship horary on the subject of her and Jack.  The data is June 11, 2005, 11:32 a.m. EST in Selma, IN (8 Virgo Asc).


The querent, Jill, is signified by Mercury, the Moon, and Venus (for herself as Woman).  Jack as her love interest is signified by Jupiter, ruler of Pisces on the 7th house cusp, and by the Sun (for him as Man).   Jill's husband is Saturn, as determined by the receptions.


As Mercury (her thinking self or ‘Head’), Jill has just left her own sign for a big drop in dignity.  She is ruled by her feelings, hates her husband, and exalts Jack (Jupiter).  As the Moon/Heart, she hates her husband and loves Jack as Man (the Sun).  Note the Moon’s placement on the 12th house cusp: these feelings are a form of self-undoing.


As Woman, Jill’s receptions are the same as for Mercury/Head, but look where antiscion Venus falls: exactly conjunct the Sun! This suggests a physical affair, but Jill says there was none—only a strong desire for it.


Jack's interest is very much mutual.  His head (Jupiter) loves Jill as Woman (Venus), while his manly self (the Sun) loves Jill for herself (Mercury/Head). 


Jill’s husband, Saturn, is in detriment, as we might expect.  Unlike the picture painted earlier of an uncaring husband, this chart suggests that Jill’s husband does love her,  as Heart (the Moon).  Note that antiscion Saturn is at 4 Gemini, sitting heavily right at the top of the chart at the MC.  Jill's feelings for her husband are entirely negative: all three of her significators are in the detriment of Saturn.


What about aspects?  The Moon separates from sextile with Jupiter and goes to sextile Sun, suggestive of past and future emotional contacts, at the least.  Venus has just separated from square with Jupiter, with positive mutual reception: something has just occurred between them.  Jill relates that she had written a note to Jack three days earlier, confessing her feelings.  Venus’s next aspect is a conjunction with Saturn, showing Jill returning to her husband. 


To the best of her understanding, this was the context at the time: Jack had been cheated on by his (ex-) wife many years prior and remained hurt and angry about that.  He was unwilling to get involved with Jill or even discuss his feelings because he did not want to be the factor that tore Jill from her husband.  Note that Jupiter exalts Saturn while being in the Sun's fall: he puts Jill's husband above himself as Man.  Jill had told Jack she wanted to divorce but took no action at that time.  Their situation was a catch-22 of sorts.  Jack would not speak of or act on his feelings while Jill remained married, yet Jill was unwilling to divorce without some assurance of Jack's feelings and interest. 


One of the hardest things for Jill to accept, looking back, was the lack of communication between them:


I knew he had feelings for me and I wanted him to say so.... he kept mum about his thoughts and feelings.... but little hints came out... I hated that I didn't know if [it] was wishful thinking or what.... It made me question my intuition and feel partly insane....


Progression to current year.  Although Jill's decision to divorce has brought resolution and some clarity, it also brings much grieving and a different set of problems.  Progressed Asc, 20 Aries, is conjunct natal Sun this year. Progressed MC, 10 Capricorn, opposes natal Fortuna.  Progressed Fortuna at 02 Cancer will cross natal Fortuna, completing one cycle and beginning the next. 


Jill's current Solar Return is the fourth chart below (26 Virgo Asc).  We might expect to see the involvement of Mars or perhaps Uranus, as the two significators of divorce--and we do.  Natal Arc Fortuna, 07.05 Pisces, falls on natal Mars.  SR Uranus, 5 Aries, conjuncts antiscion natal NN exactly, putting it in a spotlight.  SR Lord Asc, Mercury, opposes Uranus by antiscion and is exactly square the SR MC/IC axis at the Dsc.  SR Moon opposes Venus—repeating the natal pattern—on the SR nodal axis, with SN conjunct Venus and Prima Hyadum ("tears").  Even though Jill initiated the divorce, it still brings sorrow and loss, especially regarding the family unit.


We wish Jill and her family comfort and peace at this difficult time.  Here's to the larger Love and the healing that it offers to all of us.


Postscript: In the original post of part one 1 included a link to the cheerful love song, "Brighter Than the Sun" by Colbie Caillat.  Afterwards it occurred to me how incongruent that song was to the story.  Here, instead, is something more appropriate in tone, from the wonderful Adele: