Those angel voices

This is one of Linkin Park's gentler songs, the last track on A Thousand Suns and one of my favorites.


In my hospital work I encounter many broken people.  Some of them need a lot of help and support for their lives to work on even the most basic levels.  They come to the hospital when something falls apart and the pieces must be put back together.

Sometimes a kind word or soft touch of the hand is all someone needs to get back on the path.  In such moments, perhaps we serve as one of those 'angel voices' for a fellow human in need.Given the song title, we'll give this one to Mercury, aligned with Venus, in the service of the Sun.  Enjoy.


"The Messenger” by Linkin Park from the album A Thousand Suns

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When you feel you're alone

Cut off from this cruel world

Your instincts telling you to run

Listen to your heart

Those angel voices

They'll sing to you, they'll be your guide back home


When life leaves us blind

Loves keeps us kind

It keeps us kind


When you've suffered enough

And your spirit is breaking

You're growing desperate from the fight

Remember you're loved

And you always will be

This melody will bring you right back home


When life leaves us blind

Love keeps us kind


When life leaves us blind

Love keeps us kind

It keeps us kind


To hear the song sung by Chester (in his golden, not screaming, voice), follow this link:


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