The sky is blue

“It is what it is.”


Where I live this is a popular saying.  I hear it a lot.  I find myself saying it a lot, too, especially when I've been struggling with something and have come to some level of acceptance about it.

I've become fond of this phrase because it captures an essential truth about life, and therefore also about astrology. 


Here on Planet Earth, the sky is blue during daylight hours--even if the clouds block our view of it.  No matter how much we may want it to be some other color, it is blue and it will always be blue.  “But, no!” you may shout.  “The sky should be purple.  Purple is a better color for the sky!  I like purple better!!”  It doesn't matter.  The sky is blue.


If we spend our time fussing about the sky not being purple, or trying to figure out some way to make it purple, or talking others into preferring purple sky, then we're not using our time well.  Our time would be better spent coming to accept the sky as blue, since that's the reality.  Maybe--over time and with thought and prayer--we might even come to like blue sky and appreciate its blueness.


Today I read the following, offered as a New Year's resolution: “This year, I stop struggling.”  This struck me as appealing because I struggle a lot.  But if it is one's nature to struggle--as, apparently, it is mine--then isn't this, too, a blue sky waiting to be accepted?


First published Jan 3, 2013 on