Where are my sunglasses?

I’ve often had trouble with lost object horaries; they can be tricky little devils. Here’s one, though, that was successful.


“Where are my sunglasses?” Aug 28, 2011, 10:26 a.m. CDT Milwaukee, WI (43N02, 87W54); 23 Libra Asc.


If you have The Horary Textbook, you may wish to review “Lost, Stolen and Strayed” from Chapter 16, especially pages 146-151. If you already know horary, try judging the chart first before reading further.


The querent is a good friend who’d just returned from a trip overseas. Libra rises, which makes her Venus. She is combust: she can’t see right now.  But she is past the Sun, so she’ll regain her sight. This is positive testimony for recovery of the object.


We have the choice of Lord 2 or Lord 4 for the sunglasses.  Lord 2 is Mars, which doesn’t seem to fit.  Lord 4 is Saturn.  Saturn makes some sense: the glasses serve as a barrier between the eyes and the Sun.  Saturn is in the 12th house: the garage, stables, or junk room.  Actually, at the time I advised my friend to look in the basement of her condo complex.  Basement, however, would be 4th house.  Oops!  Lucky for me, the basement happens to be where all the cars are parked.


And sure enough: the sunglasses were in the back seat of her car, parked in its designated spot in the condo lot.


PHOTO CREDIT: Pixabay (CC0).