Job changes

Life has gotten in the way of my blogging this past year.


I have had two deaths in my family, bringing great emotional upheaval and requiring a lot of time away from home. Secondary to this increased stress, I developed a condition requiring medication for the first time in my life. I also went from part-time to full-time work in my often challenging job as a crisis worker at a psychiatric hospital. I have had my hands full.


It's the latter subject—my job—that is the subject of today’s post. Readers may recall that I blogged about whether I’d get a half-time position that was available in my workplace ("When will the .5 come through?"  Jan 8, 2010). Jupiter was significator of the job. I already had the job, but not in a permanent capacity. When Jupiter moved from Aquarius to Pisces, I got the permanent position. Just as Jupiter's condition improved greatly as it moved into one of its own signs, my improved job status gave me guaranteed hours, good benefits, and an ideal work schedule.


This ideal state lasted about a year.


Last December, my coworker decided to retire. We did the same work, just on different days: when she was off, I was on. I asked whether I’d move into her full-time position, essentially doubling my hours. The horary chart is set for Dec 29, 2010, 9:38 a.m. in Milwaukee, WI (43N02, 87W54); 16 Aquarius rises.




It has taken me nearly a year to fully appreciate the changes that were spelled out in this chart. At the time, I wasn’t able to see clearly.  This is often the case when you analyze your own questions as an astrologer: you’re just too inside your own stuff to see what is really going on.


As it turns out, Jupiter once again signifies the job as ruler of Sagittarius on the tenth house cusp. At 26 Pisces Jupiter still has major dignity, but is about to lose that dignity as it moves into Aries. Jupiter retains some dignity (term) in early Aries, but nothing like the dignity it has in its own sign.


At first analysis I got sidetracked into looking for an aspect between my significator, Saturn, and the job’s significator, Jupiter. However, as with the original chart, it was the condition of Jupiter that mattered. The change would happen in about four units of time, most likely months. What I didn’t know was what the loss of dignity would entail, exactly. Would someone else get the position, and I’d lose the ideal hours I’d had? Or would the job worsen in some other way?


The latter turned out to be the case.


The timing was accurate, as expected.  I was offered the increased hours in April.


Within a few months I began to realize what the loss of dignity was about. I no longer had weekday time to devote to astrology—my true vocation—nor to do errands, nor to attend activities at my daughter's school. A job that was manageable, even pleasant, part-time became very stressful on a full-time basis. By summer I was regretting my decision, especially given the background context of my life. Time was scarce, and I felt like a slave to the job.


Not only did Jupiter's condition worsen significantly, but look at the Moon, my co-significator: at 26.59 Libra, it will soon move into Scorpio, the sign of its fall. My emotional state was about to tank.


Jupiter was also moving out of a double-bodied sign. I actually had two part-time jobs prior to April, one of which was a fill-in position elsewhere. When I went full-time I had to give up the other job, so the number of jobs went from two (double-bodied Pisces) to one.


Note, too, that after the change the job starts to 'hate' me: In Aries, it takes Saturn—me—into its fall. The situation is no longer good for me in some important ways, and that reality is reflected in the chart.


Postscript:  Looking back on this chart now, I find it significant that Jupiter perfects its close conjunction with Uranus before it moves into Aries.  In myth, Uranus is the sky god of all possibilities who is castrated by Saturn, suffering a painful and permanent change in condition.  It's as if Jupiter, in touching Uranus, suffers the same fate and loses something vital at the hands of Saturn (me in this chart). It all rather fits, doesn’t it?




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