So I'm on vacation, and we're playing the game Bananagrams.  Have you ever played this game?  It's a bit like Scrabble but much faster.  Each player gets 15 letter tiles; the remaining tiles are in the center to draw from.  You make as many connected words with your tiles as you can, creating your own individual mini-Scrabble board, and when you use them all, you say "Peel!" and everyone has to take another tile.  This continues until there are fewer tiles in the middle than there are players.  The first person to use up their tiles says "Bananas!" and wins the game.

I'd never played the game before, nor had my 12-year-old.  First game out, someone wins and I still have most of my tiles sitting there, waiting to be made into words.  Huh?  


Okay, second game.  Daughter does really well, I have the same result.  Each time someone said, "Peel!" I was like, “What, already?”  


Third and fourth rounds, pretty much the same result for me.  There was some improvement, but I had a hard time keeping up.  (Daughter, Gemini rising, had no trouble at all after the first round.)  We had a great laugh afterwards, as it was really pretty funny!


"I have to ponder things," I found myself saying in my own defense.  Then I wondered: what's up with that?  I've always known that it takes me some time to think things through.  This could be a function of my temperament, but it occurred to me, just tonight, that perhaps Mercury was moving more slowly than average at the time of my birth.


So I looked it up, and sure enough!  Mercury was just a few days out of station when I was born, moving well below its average daily motion of 59 minutes.  How about that? :)


Image Above: By Evan-Amos - Own work, Public Domain,


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