Super Bowl 2017 - Pats vs Falcons - Falcons will win

Greetings, Sports Astrology fans!  Super Bowl 2017 has started.  The New England Patriots are favored by Vegas over the Atlanta Falcons.  The game formally kicked off at 5:37 pm CST in Houston, Texas.  Here's the chart:


The Pats are signified by the Sun, ruler of Leo on the first house cusp, and their victory is signified by Venus, ruler of Taurus on the MC (tenth house cusp).  The Falcons are signified by Saturn, ruler of Aquarius on the seventh house cusp, and their victory is signified by Mars, ruler of Scorpio on the IC (fourth house cusp).


One of the first testimonies we check for in sports events charts is the house position of the main players.  The Sun is inside the seventh house, but it's four-plus degrees away from the cusp.  If the Sun were closer to the cusp--say, two or three degrees--that would be clear testimony for a Falcons win.  But four-plus degrees? That's likely too far to matter.


The Moon's aspects are key in judging sports events charts (see John Frawley's Sports Astrology, page 85).  In this chart the Moon applies to trine the Sun in a little over six degrees.  This is probably out of range for an American football game, however.  The limit is typically five degrees.


But look!  There is one testimony here that is very clear.  Mars, signifying a victory for the Falcons, applies immediately to trine Fortuna.  By the book, aspects to Fortuna or its antiscion are final (page 88).  This is a strong testimony in favor of the Falcons. 


I don't have the best record with sports predictions, truth be told; I'm all about learning from the charts, right or wrong.  But I'm calling this one for the Falcons based on Mars's immediate trine to Fortuna.  If this proves true you won't hear me complain, as I've never been a fan of New England teams.  


I'll be back after the game to see if this prediction holds true!  Until then, friends, enjoy the game!


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