The Lonely Hero

Recently I finished watching the tenth and final season of the British spy series MI5 (known in the UK as Spooks).  It’s among my favorite TV series, ever.  SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen Season 10 yet and plan to, read no further!

One of the sub-themes in Season 10 was the love between our hero--Harry Pearce, Head of Section D--and Ruth Evershed, intelligence analyst extraordinaire.  Would they ever sort things out and be together?  Alas, no.  


Just as they had finally declared their mutual love and were leaving the spy life behind, Ruth was fatally stabbed.  Brutal!


In another of my favorite TV series, 24, Jack Bauer was our sexy CTU hero who could never manage to stay with his love-partners for any length of time.  He certainly tried.  But something always happened to those women.  They were killed, or went mad, or Jack had to leave them.


So, why could these warriors never have their loves?


 Astrology provides the answer.  It is because our warrior-heroes are Mars and their loves are Venus.  Mars and Venus just can’t be together, at least not for long.  It doesn’t work.  Their priorities are too different.


Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, the signs opposite those that Venus rules.  When Venus is in a Mars sign, she is miserable and functions badly, a debilitated state called detriment.  When Mars is in a Venus sign, he is in detriment.


Mars must be in his own house (sign) to do his best warrior work.  If his love life becomes the focus (Mars in Libra or Taurus), his work is compromised.  He can’t be himself or do what must be done.


This truth played out very purely in both MI5 and 24.  Many times over we saw how Harry and Jack had to sacrifice their personal happiness for the job.  Their work always had priority; the safety and well-being of entire nations depended upon it!  Other warriors, weaker than they, who succumbed to the demands of love inevitably were ruined. 


Although we protest, in truth we would have it no other way.  Whatever would the UK do without Harry at the helm of the Grid, deploying his assets with superior skill to fight the Enemy?  What disasters would have struck the USA without Jack’s fearless actions to save the day, again and again?


Harry and Jack, both Mars archetypes, were the very best of heroes.  But the cost of being the best was loneliness.


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