Star of Wonder

 Happy Three Kings Day to you, dear reader!  Thank you for taking the time to visit here.


It is my desire to share the truth and beauty of astrology with others, in whatever ways I can manage. Astrology is a gift, allowing us glimpses into the magnificence of the created universe. The best thing about studying astrology is that it leads us back to our Creator.  That may not be our intent when we start out, but it is inevitable.

In the words of the old Spiritual:


So high, you can't get over it,

So low, you can't get under it,

So wide, you can't get around it,

You gotta go in at the door.


History's most famous astrologers are, of course, those three Wise Men who used their knowledge to locate the Christ child in Bethlehem. In tribute to that great accomplishment on this feast of Epiphany, here is their carol, country-music style:


May the light of that Star shine bright in your heart always!




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