US Election Horaries, 2016 - Chart 5 - "Will Trump take office?"

This question is mine.  Mrs Clinton won the popular vote by a large number (2+ million) and there has been much talk of petitioning the Electoral College to vote for her rather than for Mr Trump when they formalize the election on Dec 19.  Hoping these efforts might bear fruit, I asked, “Will Trump actually take office in January?”  The chart data is Nov 12, 2016 at 12:05 pm CST in Milwaukee; 4 Aquarius Asc.


Mr Trump is the President-elect.  But because of the way I asked the question, we need a separate significator for him and for the Presidency.  Mr Trump is 'some other person' and for me he is also very much 'the Enemy', so he is signified by the Sun, ruler of Leo on the seventh house cusp.  The office of the Presidency, seen as separate from any particular individual, is the tenth house of my country's government. Therefore the Presidency is signified by Mars, ruler of Scorpio on the tenth house cusp.


Mr Trump won the election and will take office unless something happens to prevent this, so all we need to judge Yes is the absence of preventing testimony.


But this chart gives us more.  The Sun (Mr Trump) applies to conjunct Mars (the Presidency) by antiscion; the conjunction perfects when the Sun reaches 24 Scorpio and Mars is 5 Aquarius.  Nothing gets in the way of this. 


Therefore—alas—Mr Trump will take office in January as expected.



Photo by Noopy420 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.