Muhammad Ali - Part 2

1964 was a watershed year for Muhammad Ali.  He won his first Heavyweight boxing title on Feb 25, 1964.  The very next day he publicly declared himself a Muslim, and on Mar 6, 1964 he changed his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali, a name suggested to him by Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad.


We can expect some diversity of testimonies given these major events, and not all of them will be positive.  Declaring himself a Muslim was seen as an act of defiance and initially brought Ali much criticism.

Ali’s natal chart appears in the gallery below, along with the returns we will discuss.  Secondary progressions are not ‘charts’ per se so there is no chart for these, but rather points listed for reference.  To review my first post on Ali, click here:


Secondary Progressions to Jan 1, 1964


Asc 6.51 Virgo

MC 3.26 Gemini

Sun 19.35 Aquarius

Moon 24.18 Scorpio

Fortuna 11.34 Gemini

Spirit 2.08 Sagittarius


The progressed Moon (24.18 Scorpio) will move to around 8 Sagittarius by year’s end, first crossing natal Captivity (‘super Saturn’) by antiscion (29.28 Capricorn/0.32 Sagittarius), then progressed Spirit (2.08 Sagittarius) and then the natal Sun by antiscion (27.17 Capricorn/2.43 Sagittarius).  This joining of the lunar and solar principles is akin to a New Moon, signifying a major new cycle commencing.  The fact that prog Spirit is also involved further emphasizes this sense of new beginnings for ‘Me’.  This theme repeats throughout this year in the returns as well.


* Progressed Spirit (‘super Sun’) falling onto the natal Sun brings a big emphasis on ‘Me’ and suggests abundant joy. 


* Progressed Fortuna ('super Moon,' 11.34 Gemini) is conjunct progressed Jupiter (11.24 Gemini), the latter likely in its role as the natural significator of expansion, luck, and victory.


* The progressed Sun (19.35 Aquarius) is conjunct natal Lord 10, Venus (20.40 Aquarius Rx). ‘Career’ and ‘Me’ join together as Ali wins his first professional boxing title.


Solar Return for 1964 – Jan 18, 1964 (29 Scorpio Asc)


The first thing that caught my eye in this chart is Pluto (13.57 Virgo Rx) conjunct the SR MC (12.46 Virgo). Pluto is also conjunct the natal North Node (14.15 Virgo) for additional emphasis.  Pluto is prominent in the natal chart because it is conjunct Spirit (‘super Sun’), and now it shows up in a spotlight position this year.


Is 1964 a powerhouse year?  SR Neptune (17.33 Scorpio) closely picks up the natal Moon by antiscion (12.25 Aquarius/17.35 Scorpio).  Yes, this is an earth-shaking time!


SR Venus (1.31 Pisces) falls by antiscion onto NA Love (‘super Venus,’ 29.17 Libra/0.43 Pisces) for a triple emphasis on Venus matters.  Remember that Venus is natal Lord 10, signifying Ali’s career.  This seems a fitting testimony for winning a world boxing title!


The SR Moon (8.38 Pisces) falls on NA Captivity (9.55 Pisces), our first indication that of limits and/or difficulties.  Remember that when one becomes famous, the smaller ‘Me’ necessarily suffers the limitations and lack of privacy that go with it.  This could, for instsance, signify the personal criticism Ali received for his choices.


Lunar Return – Feb 12, 1964 (10 Taurus Asc)


The LR Asc/Dsc axis (10.46 Taurus/Scorpio) picks up the natal MC/IC axis (12.13 Taurus/Scorpio).  This is one way the stars have of signaling that a particular month will be important, telling us to pay attention!


The LR Sun (22.58 Aquarius) is conjunct LR Mars (23.57 Aquarius), natural ruler of sports and fighting.  We could also see this as Ali taking a bold stand against the prevailing culture and authorities in declaring himself a Muslim.  Note that LR Saturn (25.16 Aquarius) is conjunct Mars, too. We are beginning to see that Saturn is likely to speak up at important times in Ali’s life, and so it does here.


Next, look at how often the Natal Arc parts pick up on points in the radix!


* NA Love (10.29 Aries) falls on natal Necessity (‘super Mercury’) by antiscion (19.48 Virgo/10.12 Aries). So far in Ali’s life, Necessity has shown up at times of a major sports win.  Perhaps, as I suggested in the first post, Necessity is standing in for natal Mercury, a key symbol of Ali’s individual fighting style.


* NA Fortuna (25.55 Taurus) falls on the natal Spirit/Pluto conjunction by antiscion (4 Leo/25 Taurus), repeating the ‘new cycle’ theme voiced in the progressions.  And the reverse happens also: NA Spirit (25.37 Aries) falls on natal Fortuna by antiscion (4.40 Virgo/25.20 Aries).  The stars are making the same point repeatedly, making sure we don’t miss it!


* NA Necessity (11.03 Gemini) falls on the natal Jupiter/Love conjunction by antiscion (18-19 Cancer/10-11 Gemini).  By now we expect Necessity to be triggered at times of major events in Ali’s life.  Although it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what this testimony means, it seems important to mention.


Finally, LR Pluto (13.29 Virgo Rx) falls on NA Courage (‘super Mars,’ 12.23Virgo), bringing further emphasis to ‘Mars stuff’ and suggesting great, and perhaps surprising, force.


Wow—this is quite a collection of testimonies for this key month in Ali’s life!


Derived Lunar Return – Feb 14, 1964 (5 Taurus Asc)


The first thing I noticed here is DLR Mercury (5.27 Aquarius) in mundane square to the DLR Asc/Dsc axis (5.40 Taurus/Scorpio).  This puts Mercury, with its theme of choice, front and center in a big spotlight.  Choice is relevant because in choosing to be a Muslim and changing his name, Ali left his identity as Cassius Clay behind him forever.


The same cluster of Mars, Saturn, and Sun is now tighter in this derived return, with Mars and Saturn conjunct to one minute of arc (25.31 Aquarius and 25.30 Aquarius, respectively), while the Sun is half a degree away at 24.58 Aquarius.  By antiscion these fall in a spotlight position at the DLR Dsc (5.40 Scorpio).


Again in this return, several of the Natal Arc parts fall where we must notice them:


* NA Love (5.23 Aries) is conjunct DLR Venus (4.29 Aries) for another triple-dose of ‘Venus stuff’ and abundance, as we saw in the Solar Return for this year.  This is a joyful time for Ali as he makes his mark and declares his new identity.


* NA Fortuna (20.45 Taurus) falls on natal Saturn (29.39 Taurus Rx), once again bringing together the lunar and saturnine principles, as discussed earlier.


* NA Mars (7.17 Virgo) is conjunct DLR Uranus (8.35 Virgo Rx), perhaps showing that Ali’s win against the reigning champ was a dream come true (Uranus being the sky-god of ‘all possibilities’).


Up Next


In the next post I will share testimonies for 1967, the year Ali declined the draft for moral reasons and was convicted of draft evasion, losing his world title.




Asc = Ascendant (1st house cusp)

DLR = Derived lunar return

Dsc = Descendant (7th house cusp)

LR = Lunar return

MC = Midheaven (10th house cusp)

NA = Natal arc (placing the Parts in the same place relative to the Asc as they held in the radix)

PF = Part of Fortune

PS = Part of Spirit

SR = Solar return




Photo above, "Bust photographic portrait of Muhammad Ali in 1967. World Journal Tribune photo by Ira Rosenberg." Source: Wikipedia, Public Domain (


First photo below, "Ali at at address by Elijah Muhammad in 1964." Source: Wikipedia, Public Domain (


Second photo below, "Malcolm X photographs Ali in February 1964, after his first defeat of Sonny Liston to become world heavyweight champion." Source: Wikipedia, by EP Houston, Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 (


CHARTS, in order of appearance in the gallery below:


Ali, Muhammad, Radix: Jan 17, 1960, 6:35 pm in Louisville, KY; 19 Leo Asc.

Ali, Muhammad, Solar Return: Jan 18, 1964 in Louisville: 29 Scorpio Asc.

Ali, Muhammad, Lunar Return: Feb 12, 1964 in Louisville: 10 Taurus Asc.

Ali, Muhammad, Derived Lunar Return: Feb 14, 1964 in Louisville: 5 Taurus Asc.