Steve Jobs - Part 2

Back in November I began a natal study of Steve Jobs, the late innovator and CEO of Apple Inc.  In the initial post I discussed some of the salient features of his natal chart.  You can find that post here


The next step was to examine the directed charts for key events in his life.  I looked first at the years 1976 (the founding of Apple with Steve Wozniak) and 1984 (release of the Macintosh).  But the testimonies in the returns, especially, seemed sparse.

So I turned instead to the years of Apple’s breakthrough product releases, starting in 2001 with the iPod.  These years also showed surprisingly little.  I then checked several other years that would seem to be important, either for career or for health reasons, but with similar results: fewer testimonies than expected, or evidence in the progressions but little confirming evidence in the solar and lunar returns.


What might explain these disappointing results?  Here are some thoughts on that.  First, although his birth chart is rated “AA” and seems to fit him well, it could simply be the wrong chart.  We can’t rule out that possibility.  Or, perhaps the events that seem important to me, looking in from the outside, were run-of-the-mill for Jobs and so his charts have little to say about them.  I may be unaware of what’s truly important for him and so I wasn’t looking at the right points in time.


Whatever the reasons, here are some broad highlights from Jobs’s progressions, offered as food for thought and further investigation. Mr. Jobs’s birth chart appears in the gallery below for easy reference.


Progressions to Jan 1, 1976 (Apple Inc. founded on April 1, 1976)


Prog MC 10.11 Cancer

Prog Moon 10.51 Capricorn

Prog Fortuna 23.17 Cancer

Prog Mercury (natal Lord 1) 0.08 Pisces


Prog Fortuna starts this year conjunct the fixed star Pollux, a royal star and the immortal half of the Gemini twins.  ‘Me’ falling on this royal star seems to foreshadow the fame that Jobs and his company would eventually acquire.  Fortuna is closely conjunct Uranus as well.  Uranus is the sky god of all possibilities, an fitting symbol given Jobs’s vision about technology and its role in modern life.


Prog Mercury, natal Lord 1, has just entered its detriment and fall.  This seems counterintuitive, though perhaps it shows the personal difficulties inherent in starting a new business venture.  Note that the prog Moon opposes prog MC, suggesting that public matters (MC) are at odds with the personal (Moon as ‘Me’).


Progressions to Jan 1, 1984 (Apple Macintosh introduced on Jan 24, 1984)


Prog Moon 29.28 Aries

Prog Fortuna 10.22 Scorpio

Prog Courage (‘super-Mars’) 6.43 Aries


I have no doubt that the prog Moon conjunct natal Mars is important here.  The Moon is a key significator of ‘Me’ and it is powered up by Jobs’s agenda-driven, highly dignified natal Mars, after which it enters its exaltation for a big rise in essential dignity.  In another expression of this same theme, Courage (6.43 Aries) falls onto the natal Moon (7.44 Aries).  Jobs is making his mark this year!  Supporting this idea, Prog Fortuna (10.22 Scorpio), another signifier of ‘Me’, will cross natal Mercury (also ‘Me’) by antiscion (14.21 Aquarius/15.39 Scorpio).


Progressions to Jan 1, 1997 (rehired as CEO of Apple on July 9, 1997)


Prog Asc 25.49 Libra

Prog MC 29.37 Cancer

Prog Sun 17.22 Aries

Prog Moon 25.28 Libra

Prog Spirit 17.43 Aries


Prog Sun and prog Spirit (super-Sun) are conjunct, suggesting that Jobs’s return as CEO was a major triumph for him.  The prog Moon is conjunct the prog Asc bodily, mirroring the natal Moon’s position on the Ascendant by antiscion.  On its way into Scorpio the prog Moon will oppose natal Mars (29.05 Aries).  This looks conflictive and painful, especially as the prog MC (29.37 Cancer) squares natal Mars at the same time.  Perhaps this shows the personal tensions inherent in taking over the helm of a major enterprise.


Progressions to Jan 1, 2000 (no known event)


Prog Moon 1.28 Sagittarius

Prog Spirit 17.03 Pisces

Prog Mercury 7.47 Aries

Prog Mars 0.00 Gemini


I suspect this was a strongly positive year for Jobs. Mars is just out of detriment, a big improvement for Mars stuff generally.  The Moon’s condition has also improved, having just exited Scorpio for Sagittarius. Prog Mercury, natal Lord 1, is conjunct the natal Moon for another big emphasis on ‘Me’.  Prog Spirit, moving as it does against the order of the zodiac, crosses prog Venus and will reach the natal Sun (5.44 Pisces) this year.


Progressions to Jan 1, 2009 (liver transplant in April, 2009)


The prog Sun (29.08 Aries, ‘Me’) is closely conjunct natal Mars (29.05) Aries.  This is fitting if we consider Mars as the natural significator of surgery.


Progressions to Jan 1, 2011 (death on October 5, 2011)


Prog Sun 1.05 Taurus

Prog Moon 23.17 Aries

Prog Fortuna 29.07 Libra

Prog Mercury 29.42 Aries


Prog Mercury (29.42 Aries) is conjunct natal Mars (29.05 Aries), with Fortuna opposing both at 29.07 Libra.  Although at other times the conjunction with natal Mars has brought good things, here we know that Mars is acting in its role as natal Lord 8, Death.  Given the importance of Mars in the natal chart, it seems fitting that these testimonies converge on Mars at his death.  


After the prog Moon crosses prog Mercury/natal Mars it enters its exaltation in Taurus, just as it did in 1984.  Here, however, the rise in essential dignity shows Jobs' departure from this earthly life.  The Moon then conjuncts the prog Sun for a progressed New Moon, showing the end of his life cycle.



Asc = Ascendant (1st house cusp)

Dsc = Descendant (7th house cusp)

MC = Midheaven (10th house cusp)

Prog = progressed



Above/#2 below: Bill Bradford, Scan from the cover of the April 1993 UNIXWorld magazine (CC: Flickr).

#3 below: Matthew Yohe, Steve Jobs Headshot 2010-CROP, CC BY-SA 3.0,

#4 below: Blake Patterson, Steve Jobs Figurine (CC: Flickr)

#5 below: Atramos, Steve Jobs Tribute at the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue (CC: Flickr)

#6 below: Aislinn Dewel, Outside Palo Alto Apple store following Steve Jobs's death, CC BY-SA 3.0,