The Broncos pull off an upset!

I have underestimated Pluto before in sports events charts, and I did so again tonight--for the last time, I hope!  I called the game for the Panthers (see my previous post), but the underdog Denver Broncos have pulled off a stunning upset.

Well, there is Pluto, opposing Fortuna.  The Pink Book, John Frawley's Sports Astrology, explains that Pluto seems to hold some kind of grudge against the favorites (p. 90), and this game certainly proved that.  The Moon, representing the Panthers, moves immediately to conjunct Mars, Lord 10, by antiscion, but that didn't seem to count for anything.  From the start of this game the Panthers looked unlike themselves and made a lot of mistakes.  The Broncos were ahead the whole game and appeared to win with relative ease.


So, sports-astro fans, be sure to pay attention to Pluto when looking at sports events charts.  If he's placed somewhere he can cause trouble, he surely will!


Thanks for stopping by :)  I'll see you back here in March for NCAA basketball.  Until then, sports fans, happy spectating!


Photo By Arnie Papp - Flickr, CC BY 2.0,