Super Bowl 50: Who Will Win?

Get out your copy of The Pink Book, folks, because it's Super Bowl time!  The game has just kicked off and we have set a sports event chart.  It's the Carolina Panthers vs. the Denver Broncos, with the Panthers favored to win.  Does the chart show them winning?  Read on to find out!

The chart is set for this date, 7 Feb 2016, 3:39 p.m. PST in Santa Clara, California.  This is the actual kick-off time of about 15 minutes ago. 


The Panthers are favored, so they get the Moon, ruler of Cancer on the Ascendant.  In cases where the Moon is Lord 1 or 7, The Pink Book, John Frawley's Sports Astrology, advises us to take the Moon's dispositor for that team rather than the Moon so that we can continue to use the Moon as the flow of action in the game.  Here, though, we can't do that, because the Moon's dispositor is Saturn, and Saturn is Lord 7!  So we'll have to keep the Moon as Lord 1.  The Panthers also get Mars as Lord 10, ruler of Aries on the 10th cusp, signifying the Panthers' prize.  The Broncos are Saturn, ruler of Capricorn on the Descendant, and they also get Venus as ruler of Libra on the 4th cusp, signifying their prize.


Let's cut right to the chase: the Moon (10.21 Aquarius) applies immediately to conjunct Mars by antiscion (18.22 Scorpio/antiscion 11.38 Aquarius).  I believe this shows a Panthers win.  But there's more to consider.


Fortuna here is 17.44 Cancer.  Its antiscion, therefore, is 12.16 Gemini: opposing Saturn by about two degrees, although Saturn is separating from it.  The Pink Book tells us, "Lord 7 to oppose the antiscion of Fortuna favours the favourites" (p. 88). If this were an applying opposition it would be additional testimony for the Panthers, but as it is separating, I suspect it's moot. 


Last but probably not least, Pluto is in play here, too.  At 16.18 Capricorn, Pluto is opposing Fortuna bodily by about a degree.  "If conjunct or opposing Fortuna, or the antiscion or the dispositor of Fortuna, this favours the underdog," says The Pink Book (p. 90).  This is because Pluto tends to carry a grudge against the favorites.  This, then, is one testimony in favor of the underdog Broncos.


So we have two testimonies to consider, one for each team.  What matters more--the Moon applying to conjunct Mars by antiscion, or Pluto opposing Fortuna?  I think the first of these testimonies is stronger: the Panthers will win.


We'll be back right after the game to discuss the results!