Bring Kitty home?

A friend asked if it was wise to bring a new kitten into her home.  The family had two pets already, but her child was enamored of this kitty and had asked if it could join the family.  At that time the kitten was residing with many other feline relatives on a farm. 

This is a great horary to share because it’s a simple one to judge, giving us a clear and definitive answer.

Bring Kitty home?  Aug 7, 2015, 8:31 p.m. Milwaukee, WI; 26.52 Aquarius Asc.

The querent is Saturn, ruler of Aquarius on the Ascendant.  The kitty is the Moon, ruler of Cancer on the cusp of the sixth house.  Normally the Moon would also serve as co-significator of the querent, but here the Moon cannot play that role because it has a more important role to play as significator of Kitty.

Our two planets, the Moon and Saturn, apply to opposition in this chart.   Oppositions in horary show things coming together but with difficulty and, ultimately, with regret.   This is a definite testimony for No.  By itself this would be enough for judgment, but look at the reception here: Saturn takes the Moon into fall with the opposition.  The Moon is exalted where it is now, but soon Saturn will bring it down; then shortly after that it loses major essential dignity when exiting Taurus.  This is telling us most definitely that kitty is better off staying where she is!

Discussion with the querent afterwards revealed that she didn’t really want to adopt Kitty.  It’s not that she disliked it; only that she feared to upset the delicate balance of things at home by adding a third pet into the mix.  She had asked the question as a way of double-checking her own feelings against the reality of the situation, and was thankful to confirm that her feelings were, in fact, on target.  She was able to tell her child with confidence that two pets were enough, for now.

The photo above is by London Looks, "Kittens!" from Flickr, and is used under a Creative Commons license.