John F. Kennedy, Jr. - Part 4, Marriage

In this final post on John F. Kennedy, Jr., I will briefly describe the testimonies in the directed charts for John’s marriage to Carolyn Bessette on Sept 21, 1996.  The couple managed to keep the ceremony a secret from the press until afterwards.   Along with the joyful testimonies we might expect to see, there are also some signs of the troubles that began for them soon after the event.

Repeated at the end of the text are the note on techniques and the abbreviations key.  The relevant charts appear in the gallery below (click to enlarge).

Progressions to January 1, 1996


Prog Asc:  9.51 Libra

Prog MC:  11.13 Cancer

Prog Sun:  8.38 Capricorn

Prog Moon:  9.34 Gem

Prog Fortuna:  10.47 Pisces

Prog Solis:  8.55 Taurus


There are several major testimonies for marriage in the progressions:


  • Prog Lord 1, Merc (4.45 Cap), ‘Me’, applies to conjunct natal Lord 7, Jupiter (5.49 Cap); 
  • By year’s end prog Fortuna (10.47 Pisces), ‘Me’, will conjunct John’s natal Part of Love (23.01 Pisces) or ‘Super-Venus’; 
  • Prog Moon (9.34 Gemini), as ‘Significant Female’, will cross over the antiscion of natal Solis (17.29 Gemini), ‘Me as Male’;
  • Prog MC picks up natal Solis (12.31 Cancer), ‘Me as Male’, putting this in a major spotlight.


We tend to think of marriage in all-happy terms, but it is not uncommon for couples to experience difficulties as they settle into the marriage.  Note here that John’s prog Sun (8.38 Capricorn) applies to oppose prog Mars (8.47 Cancer Rx).  Shortly after the couple returned to New York City the media began to hound Carolyn, captivated by her unusual beauty and chic style.  John even asked that they provide her with some breathing room, but this was ignored.  The constant media attention made it difficult for Carolyn to conduct her normal affairs with any degree of privacy.



Solar Return – Nov 25, 1995


SR Mercury (4.21 Sagittarius), natal Lord 1, draws our attention in a spotlight at the SR MC.  SR Mercury is also conjunct the Sun, playing the role here of SR L7, ‘the Significant Other’.


SR Venus (27.42 Sagitttarius), ‘the Significant Female’, is in close sextile to the natal Moon (27.25 Aquarius), ‘Me’.  Note that SR Mars is conjunct SR Venus, one sign of trouble.


Natal Arc Fortuna (12.38 Taurus) sextiles natal Solis (12.31 Cancer), showing ‘Female’ and ‘Male’ joining together.


SR Uranus (27.33 Capricorn/2.27 Sagittarius) falls on the Sun (2.57 Sagittarius) by antiscion.  In the myth, Uranus is castrated by Saturn, showing all possibilities narrowed down to one.  This is appropriate for marriage, in that one mate is chosen over all possible others.  In similar fashion, the SR Moon (15.46 Capricorn) falls on John’s natal Saturn (15.33 Capricorn), showing us new limits being established.



Lunar Return – Aug 28, 1996


The first testimony drawing our attention here is the Moon sitting in a spotlight at the MC.  The Moon here can be either ‘Me’ or ‘the Significant Female’.


Capella, signifying mercy at the heart of right action, falls on the LR Ascendant.  This is a lovely star to find in the month of marriage.


LR Jupiter (7.53 Capricorn Rx), natal and LR Lord 7, is close to its natal position (5.49 Capricorn), marking a time when the affairs of that house are likely to find expression in the life.


The LR Sun (5.09 Virgo), ‘Me’, applies to trine Jupiter (5.49 Capricorn), natal and LR Lord 7.  Note, though, that the Sun takes Jupiter into detriment with the trine.  Reportedly Carolyn became depressed as a result of the intense media focus upon her as John’s wife.


The LR North Node (8.19 Libra Rx) falls on the natal Part of Love by antiscion (23.01 Pisces/6.59 Libra).  This puts the Part of Love in a major spotlight.  However, SR Saturn opposes at 6.06 Aries Rx, another sign of difficulties.


A further testimony of rough waters is LR Venus (19.35 Cancer) conjuncting both natal Mars (18.30 Cancer Rx) and LR Mars (21.59 Cancer).



Derived Lunar Return – Aug 25, 1996


The DLR Dsc picks up the natal Moon, as if the Moon were setting.  Marriage requires sacrifice and the putting of the partner before oneself.  The Moon here can be understood either as ‘Me’ or as ‘the Significant Female’. 


A second expression of personal sacrifice is Natal Arc Fortuna (23.20 Scorpio) falling at the DLR IC, the lowest point in the chart.  A third is the Natal Arc Part of Love (9.56 Pisces) falling on the natal Dsc.



Too Little Time


Marriage is a challenge even when two individuals are well matched and motivated to succeed.  It is tragic that these two bright stars had so little time to work through their challenges and enjoy married life together.  I like to remember them as the happy newlyweds they were that September evening in 1996, their hearts overflowing with hopes and dreams.



Here is the marriage story from the archives of People magazine:,,20142438,00.html


And details of the marriage ceremony itself, for those who might enjoy these:



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When studying the charts for known events, the first step is to examine the progressions (Naibod in RA), cast either for January 1 or for the date of the event in question.  The focus is on six key signifiers: progressed Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Moon, Fortuna (the lunar Arabic Part), and Part of Spirit (the solar Arabic Part).  Next, look for confirming testimonies in the solar return, then in the lunar return for the month of the event, examining these charts mainly against the radix to see what is emphasized. Derived lunar returns, cast from the solar return rather than the birth chart, provide additional confirming evidence.  For more information on traditional natal techniques, please see other natal studies I have written, including studies of Margaret Thatcher (May 2013) and Edward Kennedy (August 2013).  I also highly recommend John Frawley’s audio lectures on natal astrology.  Follow this link to subscribe:!audionatallectures/ct2a




Asc = Ascendant (1st house cusp)

DLR = derived lunar return

Dsc = Descendant (7th house cusp)

LR = lunar return

MC = Midheaven (10th house cusp)

Prog = progressed

SR = solar return