John F. Kennedy, Jr - Part 2, Father's Death

In this post I will briefly describe the major testimonies in John Kennedy’s directed charts showing his father’s death in 1963.  I’ve included a review of the techniques utilized in in a note below, along with a key for the abbreviations.  All of the charts referenced appear in the gallery below, except where noted.

Here is a list of key points in the progressions for 1963.  There is no chart to show because that would be misleading.  Progressions are not charts in themselves, even though it looks that way on the computer software.


Prog Asc: 13.37 Virgo

Prog MC: 11.14 Gemini

Prog Sun: 5.04 Sagittarius

Prog Moon:  26.04 Pisces

Prog Fortuna: 4.37 Capricorn

Prog Spirit: 22.37 Taurus


John wasn’t yet three years old when his father was assassinated.  I found one major testimony in the progressions:  the progressed MC is closely conjunct John’s natal Mars by antiscion (11.30 Gemini).  Mars is Lord 8 in the birth chart, putting death in the spotlight this year.


Solar Return for 1962 (Nov 25, 1962) - Chart 2


Venus (SR Lord 8) and Neptune (understood as ‘the Earthshaker’ from the myth) both fall exactly on John’s natal Lord Asc, Mercury (13 Scorpio).  This is eloquent testimony for the earth-shattering event of losing a parent so early in life.  Natal Arc Fortuna falls opposite the three at 12.46 Taurus, and the SR Moon is close by at 15.22 Scorpio.


The natal 2nd/8th axis is repeated in this solar return, though the cusps are reversed (Libra is on the 8th cusp rather than 2nd).  When a directed chart picks up a natal axis in this way, it is drawing our attention to those life areas.


The SR Ascendant (18.19 Aquarius) picks up natal Lord Asc, Mercury, by antiscion (16.46 Aquarius), putting ‘me’ in a major spotlight.  Think of the impact his father’s death must have had up upon him!


SR Mars is conjunct the SR Dsc, opposing the Asc.  This could be understood as a violent ‘other’ in the position of open enemy.


SR Pluto (12.03 Virgo) falls on the natal Asc (11.57 Virgo).  Pluto often turns up in situations of unexpected or violent death, even though it is not John himself who is snatched away to the underworld here, but his father.


Lunar Return for October 27, 1963 - Chart 3


LR Mars (1.25 Sagittarius) applies to conjunct the natal Sun (2.57 Sagittarius).  Mars is natal Lord 8 and the Sun is ‘me’.  John is touched by death even though he himself is not killed.


The LR Sun (3.33 Scorpio) is elevated at the MC and conjunct the natal Moon by antiscion (2.35 Scorpio).  The Sun is LR Lord 8, another testimony showing ‘death’ (Sun here) touching ‘me’ (natal Moon).


LR Mercury (28.07 Libra) falls on the natal Part of Necessity by antiscion (29.07 Libra).  Necessity is the Mercury Part and involves choice (‘the cow or the money?’).   Although John makes no choice himself here, in a sense a choice is made for him, ruling out certain life possibilities forever.


Derived Lunar Return for Nov 15, 1963 (cast from the 1962 Solar Return) - Chart 4


The DLR Moon is in the same position it held in the 1963 SR (15.22 Scorpio), closely conjunct DLR Neptune (15.39 Scorpio), both of which are conjunct natal Lord Asc, Mercury (13.14 Scorpio).   The Moon is ‘me’ and Neptune signifies the earth-shaking nature of this event.


DLR Mars (15.12 Sagittarius) is conjunct natal Saturn by antiscion (14.27 Sagittarius).  Mars is DLR Lord 4, signifying the father.  Saturn here is the natural significator of death.


Solar Return for 1963 (Nov 25, 1963) - Chart 5


John’s father died just three days before his third birthday; the funeral was held on his birthday.  We will therefore see testimonies of the death in this solar return, too.


SR MC (28.35 Aquarius) picks up John’s natal Moon (27.25 Aquarius).  Think of his iconic salute--perhaps the single most public moment of his life.  The MC conjunct natal Moon seems to fit that iconic image, as does the fixed star Capella (mercy at the heart of right action) falling on the SR Asc (21.41 Gemini).


SR Mercury (14.36 Sagittarius) is closely conjunct natal Saturn by antiscion (14.27 Sagittarius).  Similarly, SR Saturn (17.29 Aquarius) falls on natal Mercury by antiscion (16.46 Aquarius).  Mercury signifies ‘me’ and Saturn signifies death (SR Lord 8).


The 2nd/8th house axis is in the spotlight with the nodes of the Moon falling across it, with the South Node on cusp 8.


In the next post we will look at testimonies for John’s own death in 1999.


NOTE ON TECHNIQUES:  When studying the charts for known events, the first step is to examine the progressions (Naibod in RA), cast either for January 1 or for the date of the event in question.  The focus is on six key signifiers: progressed Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Moon, Fortuna (the lunar Arabic Part), and Part of Spirit (the solar Arabic Part).  Next, look for confirming testimonies in the solar return, then in the lunar return for the month of the event, examining these charts mainly against the radix to see what is emphasized. Derived lunar returns, cast from the solar return rather than the birth chart, provide additional confirming evidence.  For more information on traditional natal techniques, please see other natal studies I have written on this blog, including studies of Margaret Thatcher (May 2013) and Edward Kennedy (August 2013).  I also highly recommend John Frawley’s audio lectures on natal astrology.  Follow this link to subscribe:!audionatallectures/ct2a




Asc = Ascendant (1st house cusp)

DLR = derived lunar return

Dsc = Descendant (7th house cusp)

LR = lunar return

MC = Midheaven (10th house cusp)

Prog = progressed

SR = solar return


The three photos shown below are from Wikipedia and are in the public domain.  See

The photo appearing above is by Ray Dumas, "Kennedy Assassinated," (Source: Flickr; CC licensed).