She's glad it's over

Here’s a relationship horary from one of my students.  It’s her own question from about a year ago: “Any chance of a romance with X?”  We reviewed it recently with the benefit of hindsight, now that the relationship is definitively over.  I share the main points of the analysis here, with her permission.

THE CONTEXT.  At the time she asked this question, the querent had just had a date with a love interest from her workplace.  There had been sparks of interest between them for a long time.  He was in the final stages of a divorce.  The querent had no other relationship at the time.


The querent is signified by three planets: Mercury, ruler of Virgo on the Ascendant, for her as thinking person or Head; the Moon, for her as Heart; and Venus, for her as Woman.  Her love interest is signified by Jupiter, ruler of Pisces on the Descendant, and the Sun, for him as Man.


Here are the main points of judgment:


1) HER HEART LOVES HIM.  The querent’s Heart loves her workmate as Man (the Moon is in the Sun’s sign of Leo).  However, the Moon and the Sun have just separated from opposition, a troubling testimony.  Oppositions generally are difficult: stuff happens, but with regret. 


2) HER HEAD HATES HIM--WITH GOOD REASON!  The querent as Head (Mercury) is combusted by the quesited as Man (the Sun in detriment).  Ouch!!!  Being in detriment means he either hates himself or he is a Bad Boy, or both. This should have been a major warning to the querent.  But her Head and her Heart are in direct conflict with each other (opposition).  In fact, the querent knew some things about the quesited that were very concerning, but her heart still wanted him.


3) HE LOVES HIMSELF.  A LOT.  The quesited as Jupiter is in his own exaltation: as Head, he has a high opinion of himself.  Being in Cancer, he also loves the querent as Heart, which is the part of her that admires him.  He liked the emotional stuff he was getting from her.  He had no feelings for her as Head or as Woman.


Note that whether he’s hating himself (as the Sun in detriment) or exalting himself (as Jupiter in Cancer), he is self-absorbed.


4) SHE’S DISAPPOINTED IN HIM.  As Venus, the querent is disappointed in her love interest (Venus is in the fall of Jupiter).


5)  THEY DO GET TOGETHER, BUT IT DOESN’T WORK OUT.  Mercury and Sun perfect their conjunction, showing that they do enter a relationship.  But their affair was relatively brief and it left the querent feeling used and abused.


6)  THE RELATIONSHIP HARMS HER.  The Part of Marriage (Asc + Dsc – Venus) is 15.49 Scorpio, making Mars the significator of their relationship.  Mars is in detriment but on the verge of gaining major essential dignity.  This is puzzling; its being in detriment makes sense, in that the experience was miserable overall.


Perhaps that's where we should leave it.  It seems important, though, to consider the change that Mars is about to undergo.  Normally we would think of this gain in essential dignity as a big improvement.  However, once in Scorpio, Mars takes Venus into detriment and the Moon into fall.  This drop in condition by reception certainly reflects what the querent experienced.  She is now in the initial stages of recuperation from a relationship that took away much more than it gave.


Photo above by Neil Fowler, "This love is a strange love."  Photo below by Quinn Dombrowski, "Heartbreak."  Both are used under a CC license from Flickr.